Where is the Folland Gnat and Superswift, its been 8 years

British air rb rank 6 needs a major rework with the Hunter F.1 needing to go down and as for the F.6 its beyond me what should happen to it.

The top tier is mediocre so the least we could get is a quality update for the lower ranks where we do indeed have options.

I don’t understand why we don’t have the Gnat and 545.

You have 1 viable option in the entire rank and its the Harrier, the Hunter F.1 is overbr’d, the F.6 see’s AIM-9L’s and SRAAM’s are more flare hungry than R-60’s. The Jaguar sees AIM-9L’s without flares, whilst also being one of the worst strikers at its br because its so damn underpowered, the Javelin is the Javelin and so is the Lightning.

In my humble opinion, the Hunters should be foldered, with the Gnat F.1 replacing the F.6 unfortunately the proposed Firestreak Armed Gnat F.2 was never finished but at least this would keep its br below 9.7. Then the Jag and Harrier should be foldered as they serve effectively the same purpose, with the Supermarine Type 545 following the Swift F.7.

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I can’t comment on what should be added since I’m not familiar with most British jets, but I’m familiar with the Hunter and I agree that the Hunter F1 should be lowered in battle rating. it’s probably the worst 9.0 fighter we have. the F1 is only somewhat 9.0-worthy when it’s at min fuel.

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And now another vehicle locked behind a paywall “event”… sigh.

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Agreed and it’s min fuel is not nearly enough. It won’t get you to the centre of the map and back. Whilst i think the Hunter was the logical choice, given that it was Britain’s mainstay fighter, the competition that led to the Hunter had several aircraft compete. Both of which could’ve been added.

Obviously they didn’t have to be added simultaneously but 8 years is a lot, particularly as the Folland Gnat outperformed the Hunter by every metric except maximum takeoff weight which is why it lost.

As for the Superswift it was Supermarine’s alternative to the English Electric Lightning, basically a swift f.7 adapted for supersonic flight with 4 red tops and a radar.

Aye, but its not going to be a menace like the P-59 is. I don’t mind it not being TT, but what i do mind is that it’s being used as an excuse to say ‘look Britain has so many vehicles coming’. 2 are premium/event.

Britain has several gaps that could fairly easily be filled with the exception of top-tier for now.

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