Where is russias 12.3 strike aircraft?

Yeah i agree the agm65d is absolutely garbage ive literally shot them top down on tanks with direct ammo shots and got nothing but crits they are only good for shooting spaa honeslty and light targets i dont even fire at tanks anymore with them just use the bombs for tanks and i only carry 3 agm65s on my f16c for cas now and opt for more bombs so instead of carrying 6 agms im doing 3 agms and 4 gbus its just all around better can quickly get of a shot off at the pantsir with the agms and move on

“Where is Russia’s 12.3 strike aircraft?”
well, where is Sweden’s 12.3 anything?


Yes i thought about that already and at first i was going to intially post that but once again we come to the issue of the fact the USSR dosent need a flat out ground pounder it needs both and the su34 is literally the only option that woudnt break the game. The SMT already has 6xr73 that dosent mean they have go give this thing 6 radar missles or something my only other option is to give the mig29 this

This image shows the mig29smt with the MER and some 500 lbs bombs just that alone would satisfy me personally and they lowered the cost of the TV guided weapons a bit considering you can only carry 3 at that point unless you were able to put the POD on the far outside pylon. Other than this idk what else to do about russia to give it the proper footing in CAS with ariplanes. Im talking out of my ass gaijin will never add this plane any time soon. Stuck with the 27k for probably at least a year or more in the mean time i think ill play a different game for the forseeable future untill they actually add some vehicles currently worth my interest.

All they need to do is give the MiG-29SMT one of its three guidance pods like Sapsan, T220 or even PDLCT, this will give it access to laser guided weapons and a thermal imager.


Yeah im hoping they do it has full capability to do so but they wont do it because they are hoping people buy the su39 so we wont get the su34 the su24 or the thermal pods because why would anyone buy the su39 then its all about money. Yes you can grind the su25t but even then…a subsonic to grind for that can easily be smacked by any anti cas or a spaa missle? Whats the point.

I know the snail needs money and new vehicles bring the money. But at this point I got the feeling they bring the vehicles faster then the balance which causes more trouble. Around rank 3 - 4 most matches feel balanced for me.

Here you go, VTOL capable Russian strike aircraft for 12.3

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Multiple nations in the game without 12.0 or 12.3 vehicles, but you want Russia to receive another one just after receiving the SMT lol.


that’s chinese


Whilest we’re at it, add the KV-2-3 Triple Fridge.

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USSR CAS need Kab-500Kr with IR seeker, thermal pod and will be a slightly competitive.
SU-25T/TM needs KHOD thermal pod.


So? The Type 59 and 69 were based on Soviet T-54/55s.

@richthofen122 is still correct.

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the SMT is already competetive, it could use a thermal pod, but it still already is doing a good job

Conveniently ignores all helicopters and planes being completely broken.

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Rather not. It’s such a Mig-27K with 4 armaments. where the F-16c has a ton of AGM-65D, thermal pod, guided bombs, etc.

You won’t do something like that with USSR CAS

As a Japanese Main, i find this pointless XD USSR already has god like CAS, prob 2nd to the US, but still one of them top dogs. Cant imagine the amount of times those Su-25s, Ka-50/52s and other jets at max Br tank battles destroyed me with ease. Luckily Japan got its revenge with the F-4 Phantoms bomb load and rockets and F-16 AJ with AGM’s lol But that’s about all we have, the helis are meh, easily shot down by SAMs so pointless to use. Soon we’ll have the Tan-Sam so we finally, kinda, catching up. Russia still has a lot of toys to play with, so I find this thread funny to read.

Prob should name all the top tier CAS Russia has cuz why not lol
Aren’t these enough toys to play with? We only got the AJ and I ain’t complaining lol Wish we had more CAS, but there isn’t much to add.
Also, most of these are “Strike Aircraft”…

why are you comparing it to US cas? i never said it is better then US, but it still is doing a good enough job, besides that USSR dominated long enough the airspace with the KA 50 /52, the meta just changes and currently USSR just doesnt have the best CAS, but that doesnt mean it is bad, the SMT is good enough currently

There’s no notable disparity between Ka-52 & other helicopters. Fast longer range TOW2s with proxy, that’s not notable enough.
& just cause Pantsir can’t hit targets doesn’t mean it’s that much worse than ADATS & TOR M1.

“Can’t hit targets”

Yeah, its accuracy is that of a stormtrooper

It just shows how bad the USSR CAS is.
Always US, or NATO countries had the best CAS.