Where is russias 12.3 strike aircraft?

To begin and say before anything i am an American main personally, with that being said we always preach about russian bias and “where is the balence” when it comes to top tier russia.

Currently russia does not have a single capable strike aircraft equivalent to the m2k20005f or the f16c and since when does isreal get ahead in this department?? Even they have a proper strike aircraft now with the barrack. Russia currently has a slew of su25s(T,k,and that premium one) also it has the beloved mig27k but lets be real here the mig27k barely breaks mach and dosent have thermals for its sight and it constantly glitches if the nose of the plane is even remotely at to bad an angle it will lose track using guided weapons and not mention using this when there is f16s in the sky is literally the worst thing you can do.

Dont get me started on the su25s, yes they have amazing weaponry but lets face it, its an su25 they cant go above 620mph ffs lol so your sub-sonic with good weapons so after you get 1 kill with it if at all because once again your an su25 playing 11.7 ground where f16s are flying around with chinese shooting ty90s at you and aim 9ms its just a no brainer. NOT MEANT FOR TOP TIER GAME PLAY OR EVEN TO BE IN THE GAME its just a hard plane to properly place at the proper BR and the su25s will always have balencing issues to slow for top tier and to good for the 10.0 range

Solution=adding the su34 now this plane is quite advanced for war thunder but the su27 is not a proper ground pounder and can only do air to air in all seriousness, the su34 can cover both of those area and the su34 will cover both issues of the soviets getting a proper competitor to the f16c its first flight was in 1990 and introduced into service in 2014, it can carry the r27er/t/et and the r73 as well to keep us with our current missle loadouts untill fox 3 missles it can carry those when that happens.

In all fairness this plane is not a far stretch from the f16c what so ever. It does exactly the same thing the f16c can do. I love the su25s and the 27k but lets be real here its just not cutting it anymore, for example earlier i was doing CAS with my 27k and i was spotted by a f16c and instantly i shot my r60m and of course it did nothing, he turned inside my circle within 2 turns and i was done of course. One nation should not rule the sky nor ground. Would this plane give the USSR a good footing in the sky along with the ka50 and on the ground the bvm? Yes it would be even more amazing but its currently so stale right now. Using the mig29smt as a ground pounder with the 4 tv guided weapons isnt reliable they are often inaccurate as hell and all you need to do is duck under a tree or pop smoke and your good.

All in all the su34 is quite a leap and a stretch but it is the only solution that could happen in war thunder tomorrow and not break the game…


Giving Russia even more broken toys won’t improve the game. If you want to play in the sky in GRB you have to accept the fact that you don’t have a free reign - in fact the fact that you are getting shot down by enemy fighters shows that the other team players were doing their job.

On the SU-34. Why on earth does the strongest top-tier tree need a powerful CAS option as well as a strong top-tier MBT lineup as well as the strongest SPAA as well as the most potent helicopters that can tank 120mm cannon rounds…? Are Russian Teams that incompetent that they need every odd stacked in their favour? Don’t answer that - it’s a trap.

The dynamics of CAS vs ground is pretty toxic at the moment. Until that is sorted (e.g. a decent balance vs AA and air) adding more CAS options with more features won’t help at all. Otherwise you just add even more unbalanced variables to an already unbalanced situation.


Another solution would be to give the SMT access to a FLIR pod with some laser guided weaponary. Though I must say, compared to other TV weapon systems, the Russian top ones are the best of the bunch considering they have color camera and same zoom levels as a regular TGP, so it’s not that bad to use without TGP.

I mean I think that would be fair but at the same time… My winrates against Russia aren’t particularly good anyways. But I still wish every nation to get a plane with a TGP, it’s just too nice to have.


I say use the Su-25T, incredibly powerful if u know what ur doing, the low speed really helps with most tasks too


Mig-27K is superior to Su-25T.
The hilarious thing is Mig-29SMT is superior to Mig-27K.
Then my NATO options are superior to the Soviet ones.

Su-24 is overdue tho. Slightly better Mig-27K effectively.

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Its called the Mig-29SMT, that’s your 12.3 CAS aircraft.


Pfffff never had enough toys do they? oga oga we need more broken toys oga oga hah typical Russian players you already had one use it other don’t have luxury as Russia


Why they even need a new strike aircraft? They already have OP Ka50/52


The Mig 29SMT is a very capable strike aircraft at 12.3, what are other nations supposed to say, where is the strike aircrafts for britain, germany, japan , china and sweden. Russia is the last nation that necesarily would need a more capable 12.3 strike aircraft


More like don’t need anything new until everyone can keep up with them

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exactly, there is arguments like other nations dont have strike aircraft at that br range, i would argue bullshit as example, the current german tornado is 11.3 a good a strike aircraft at the right hands. Now add Assta 3.1 with possible maws, ECM pod. aim 9L (I) , jdams and maybe the dispenser system and i think would have capable useable strike aircraft for germany at 12.3 of course gajin would need to add the features for it but the same could be said for new aircraft there is the possibility to add those aircrafts


@Turtlewoman810 In fact, Sukhoi Su-34 could be 12.7 BR because it’s supersonic fighter-bomber/strike aircraft, very good maneuverability and carries 6x IR R-73, 8x SARH R-27E & R-27ER and 8x ARH R-77

But Su-24M Fencer-D would be 12.0 or 12.3 BR and located under MiG-27K in rank 8

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Just going to point out that the highest BR strike airframe in the US tree is the A-7E / -7K and it’s really not all too impressive vs the MiG-27M let alone the -27K or Su-25T.


Considering the disparity between the Mi-28NM/Ka-52 and anything else, the Pantsir and anything else; Russia can afford to be a little behind in 1 area.


No its not dude thats a fighter not a true multi-role like the f16c the su34 is the only option comparable to the f16c they could give a flir pod the mig but they wont do that with laser guided ordinance

ok what makes the f16c different then the m29smt ? both are fighters that gained the capability to carry guided a2g ordenance


Ask your self bro do you really need a 12.3 CAS jet for USSR?You guys already have game breaking Helis and SMT can do decent CAS in current toptier.Gaijin can add some more suspended armaments to it and maybe a FLIR pod.

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Lmao, another vehicle where USSR needs modern jet to counter balance jet made years ago

Actually i want F-16C to get AGM-65K with big explosives warhead rather than stuck with low damage pieces of s*** AGM-65D and i do not care what Russian mains think that F-16C will broke the game it better them than Russia

Not you guys…read what i said. I am an American main. I barely play the USSR anymore what so ever because its so stale. HOP in bvm get three kills hop in ka50 or 27k get blown out the sky by adats or f16c with an aim9m because you cant out turn or outrun the f16c in any vehicle the ussr has besides the mig29 9.12 and thats a fighter not a ground pounder. The Su34 is a twin seat multi-role fighter the biggest issue gaijin would have is the radar it can track 4 targets at once this plane is not as OP as you think dude what so ever. Its literally an f16c with more hard points it dosent get acess to some amazing weaponry it gets the same stuff the mig27k gets. Its literally a few years younger than then the block 50, why is this even a question. Us American mains cant have it every which way. Weve got the best cas in the game and m1a2 sep is amazing its not a bvm but its amazing and the hellfire for our helicopters is amazing if gaijin used them correctly its literally a 1 tap missle. We are led to believe USA suffers but i have news we arent suffering i want the soviets on equal footing when it comes to CAS with airplanes and they do not have it what so ever.

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