Where can I find list of active maps from pool

I noticed that Air Realistic Battle changed the active map pool yesterday, but where can I see the exact list of active map pool?

Mode selector, preferred missions is the only place i know where to find maps in game and they dont show the new shoe box size maps or the edited versions with boundaries etc.

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yea, but they always show full list of maps, rather than active map pool

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It depends on the BR you are looking at.

There will be a box on the map in map selector that shows the BR it is at.

Whoever thought that the small version of Afghanistan in Top Tier is a good idea should actually play the game first.

A capture point in the middle of the map at Top Tier won’t be used…
Taking off from the left spawn point and all you have to do is bring bombs…because you accelerate straight off the runway to reach the enemy base for bombing.

And playing the same map 7-10 times again and again and again does not improve the gaming experience either….especially when I actually like the EC version of Afghanistan.

Map sizes aren’t that important until AI targets also get spread out all across the maps. From my experience, regardless of map size, everyone still goes to the middle and engage in a massive furball with 10+ AAMs flying at all times.

I agree.

It’s quite bad in lower BR jets becuase the large maps play exactly the same as smaller maps, but it takes a few minutes longer fly to the centre. It just makes for very boring gameplay.

And the numbers of players need to be reduced 16v16 is just too much for top tier