Where are the forum guidelines?

This thread covers how to contact staff members for reporting. Where are the guidelines which dictate what is acceptable to post and where to post it?

This thread explains general use for how to create topics but does not explain what is / isn’t allowed to be posted.

Stuff that’s acceptable according to the CoC. And keep stuff in the right forum threads.

If you open the links they should be in English, idk why the preview here is in German.


Top right button. It’s connected to your account language setting or if you use VPN/region setting.

I live in germany and i have most settings to english. In fact I never ever changed my language to italien. And no I don’t use a VPN.

Then I don’t know. I live in Belgium and Gaijin websites open in French, German or English randomly haha. (I can read these languages anyway) My language setting is also on English by default, but GJN can’t seem to listen.

That’s TOS that doesn’t govern what is / isn’t allowed in forum sections outside of TOS violations which is duh

True, there isn’t a list of what must be posted where unless you specifically read the pinned post in each section.

The only pinned post in the general section is rumor round up?

I mean the boxes as well.

What boxes?

What governs posts in those sections though?

I already understand labels that’s explained in the thread linked above. Or at least it’s shown how to label. Clearly mark aircraft related in aircraft / maps in maps etc.

What is and isn’t allowed past that besides TOS violations?

A very unintuitive system…

I haven’t received any strike that didn’t fall under the TOS or these boxes, so idk.

I didn’t receive a strike my thread was closed and I was asked to review forum guidelines. I could not find them posted.

I understand, my thread was just relocated to the right ‘box’/discussion board. Without any warning or explanation outside of ‘look at guidelines’ and a ‘talk about current vehicles must be in X not y’.

Can I ask what your thread was about and where you posted it? Nvm I’ve seen it, it’s quite passive aggressive.

Yes that was the intention.

Map design, general, flagged under maps.