Where are new game modes?

Why haven’t we seen more development on game modes for Air or Heli?


  • There’s no other competition from other developers.

If you look at War Thunder’s game mode design, some modes are super simple and others are more thought out.

Im becoming more convinced that this is simply due to competition. The game modes that are more thought out and developed have competition from other developers. Players have other choices. For example:

Ground Battles:

  • World of Tanks is a big competitor to War Thunders Ground modes. In order to differentiate itself, War Thunder has made Ground modes a mixed battle with respawns.

Naval Battles:

  • World of War Ships is a big competitor and arguably more successful than War Thunder’s Naval modes. Again, War Thunder differentes itself by having respawning and adding Naval EC as an option on weekends.

Air Sim:

  • DCS, IL-2 are big names in this space and provide a lot of competition to War Thunder’s sim mode. Needless to say, out of all the Air modes, Air Sim is the most well thought out with Sim EC. You have the most to do in this mode with interesting dynamic gameplay.

Air RB/AB:

  • No competition. World of Warplanes is dead. This results in a very basic, under developed mode.


  • No competition. Again this results in heli PVE… probably the most boring mode in War Thunder.

Competition makes War Thunder better. I hope we see more competition in these spaces.



Why is this being changed to the Realistic section?

This is a General Discussion Topic discussing all game modes in War Thunder.


Developers need to limit the efficiency and methods of players obtaining research and development points to force them to spend money


And the new model requires a new balance, developers won’t want so much trouble, they only have money in their eyes


yeah we need new gamemodes for Air RB. Air RB EC is already done, they just have to implement it again so it would not be that hard.


WT already has more than enough modes, which are pretty much fine as-is.

Virtually every “new mode” suggestion that pops up invariably boils down to “I want to PvE without having to PvP”. The few that don’t are usually absurdly complex setpiece things that read more like a singleplayer campaign.

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Not even close to an accurate description of what people are asking for.

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There are zero people at Gaijin with vision, passion or creativity, aside from adding new vehicles there is zero innovation.


nope, i want new gamemodes for PvP mainly. Current Air RB 16v16 clusterucks are not the way to play 4th gen aircraft.


good thing i just discovered Falcon BMS

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And even then, they are literally copied from real life.
At least they are consistent.

  • Standard PTW, I mean FTP game structure: check
  • Standard lootbox and nickelndime progression: check
  • Standard TDM & FPS game play: check
  • Standard limited maps hidden by slightly differing vehicles: check

Plus the outsource all the models a well.

And we get new sounds of course, not an improvement, not something anyone asked for, but they sure are different.

Oh and UI changes, again not an improvement, not something anyone asked for, but it sure it ugly and annoying and a reduction in quality of life…

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Can’t have the game be too fun now because then we’d forget about needing to pay $$$$.
Only through making the game feel awful on purpose are we incentivized to pay $$$$$$
It’s even more evident since they keep delaying any features that involve RP gains as per the roadmap.
Holy corporate greed batman

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I hate the fact that it was them who stumbled into the winning formula so now they can just sit around and farm the niche game mode for money.
They’re essentially Apple now. They came out early, made it easy to get into for players, and with no competition, they can charge and build their shitty systems however they’d like.

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There is competition, and that’s irrelevant to new game modes.
New game modes universally require game changes, possibly engine changes.

PVE modes require an entirely new AI for War Thunder, AKA an AI overhaul that we know is in development.

And of course people like @Miragen claiming that unique vehicles are copy-paste, decompression is compression, universal events that are easier than the previous event systems are bad, and RP economy being the best in the game’s history is somehow bad.

Oh, and people like @sadrootbeer claiming that RP gain increases is greedy.
Constant development and improvement is somehow bad…
And apparently Apple is the most innovative company according to sad.

I think you have a different definition of copy-paste than other people. When people say copy-paste, they often mean “a variant of an existing vehicle” and not “the same exact vehicle.” War Thunder has done a lot of that recently for example, the Benelux tree only has one truly unique plane in it, all others are variants of planes found in other trees.

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By that logic Leopard 2A5 is copy-paste of 2A4…

No, because it is different enough to be considered a separate vehicle, and they are both in the same TT.

nique vehicles are copy-paste

Most of them aren’t unique… there’s a handful of new ones.