When you are feeling your winrate is too high!

Embark on an epic journey of humility and historical reenactment in Warthunder with high-tier American tanks. It’s like a time machine, but instead of Sherman commanders quaking at the sight of Tigers, you’re in an M1A2 Sep 2 getting that same nostalgic fear from Leopard 2A7Vs and T80 BVMs. Spoiler alert: the outcome is a beautiful homage to the good old Sherman vs Tiger days.

So, if you’re in the mood to relive some ‘historical accuracy’ and need a slice of humble pie served with a side of explosive shells, join me on the battlefield. It’s a history lesson you won’t forget!


Its sad that even in situations where i notice abrams later than he does notice me and I fire a panicked shot at him, centre mass, the sabot still ends up in his turret ring.

Gaijin really needs to fix it model.

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you mean like 80% of the center mass shots land on T-34 driver optics?

Whats up with all this Abrams stuff suddenly?
My highest BR is 7.3, so I cannot check for myself, but I noticed a lot of chatter about Abrams lately and it seems like its getting its ass kicked for some reason now…

Is it one specific Abrams model? Did it get shifted in BR too high?

Many tanks received spall liners in the last major update and Abrams wasn’t so lucky to get one as well. This is surely a downside but there’s much more to the “suffer” than just that.

US is also the only major nation that got a 11.3 premium in Click-Bait, which surely negatively impacted average skill level of top-tier US teams, since those higher tier premiums are often played by level 0 players with absolutely no experience, going against veterans with thousands of hours.
Also, US received SEPv2 which is a copy/paste vehicle and offers nothing new, so veterans will likely switch nations and play something like 2A7V/T-90M/122B+ instead.

Those two things combined can and will result in a disaster, where you’ll have experienced players leaving the nation, all the while inexperienced ones coming in en masse trying out that 11.3 premium.

I don’t think Abrams’ are even close to being that bad to justify the current situations, it’s more of a thing where a decent tank is being operated by sub-par individuals going against good tanks operated by above average individuals.

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Add to that, any shot below the cannon height hits the turret ring and kills all crew and their descendants almost every time.

The constant losses as russia at BR 8.7 ground rb cause we only got short rod apfsds when other nations got the long rods.

What are you struggling to fight against that russian 8.7 long rods arent enough?

XM-803, XM-1 (GM), MBT-70, Leopard 1A5, M48A2 G A2, Chieftain Mk 10, Type 74 (E), ZTZ96, Leopard 1A5NO

You struggle to pen Leopard 1 with russian long rods.

Russia doesn’t get long rods at 8.7.

The mantlet of the 1A5 can do some funny stuff, but is usually just point and click.

3BM25 is technically a long rod, isnt it? Seeing as it is classified as APFSDS, especially when compared to APDS type of projectiles.

Either way outside of odd angles i really doubt that you need 3BM25 to pen leo 1 out of all things.

I’m not even sure the T-62M-1s late shell is a long rod in game-files (I think it is)
Only long rod at 8.7 is on the PTZ89

APDS aren’t rod projectiles.

You can check the penetration table of a shell and the rods who widen towards the tip are short rods, the long rods are straight all the way through.

Atleast that’s what I think, I don’t have hard data to back it up.

Fair, ive been calling anything other than APDS a long rod, this one is on me.

Indeed they arent.

Like i said, anything longer than APDS was a long rod for me, never heard about “short rod” but i admit, thats on me.

Anyway, point is, 3BM25 has enough pen to cut through leopard 1, centre mass, without any problem.

If you cannot beat them, join them. I am a full-time happy German player now :-)