When tracking side target missile oscillates why?

Yeah, any of the Roland systems usually have that issue as far as I’m aware, it’s just a thing that it does as an effect of the operation the computer does. Mostly, is it just over-correction and notching of the missiles guideance.

heh, tor is supposed to work like that but the guidence is completely and utterly broken so it wont work unless the target makes no evasive maneuvers

Absolutely zero oscillation.


Im pretty sure irl rolands just lock the enemy and the missile guides itself in. where in warthunder, it follows the crossair which cant achieve a fully stabilized lock unlike choppers and aircraft optical trackers. At least in dcs, you lock your target, wait for a firing solution, then watch the missile guide in (so long as you maintain lock). It it worked that way in wt it would be much more effective against aircraft

Roland 3 launch from the FlaRakPz 1



Warthunder implementation of flarakpz 1 roland 3