When tracking side target missile oscillates why?

Yes how does it hit the back of the skybox?

You’re very correct in that I don’t understand why the missile oscillates when I’m not crossing back on its flight path.

Oh boy, it’s almost like people already explained it to you.

Yes they explained the mechanics of heat seeking missiles and that a change in flight path would cause oscillation.

Neither of these things are what I’m asking about.

Then what are you asking about?

Why do missiles oscillate when tracking a horizontally moving target?

Ok, let me see if I undertsand what you’re asking. Are you wanting to know why a missile oscillates (vertically or horizontally) when in flight toward a target at the same altitude but flying perpendicular to your own flight path. Is that correct?

The missile’s flight path. Roland 3.

Do you mean when it fires it sways back and forth in a wide arc before it centers its flight on your target?

It doesn’t oscillate then center, it centers then oscillates.

Ok, I think I got this now. In a recent patch (within the last 3 months), they made changes to guided missile physics that changed how they maneuver. Before the patch if you fired a guided missile and then moved your cursor, the missile would make that correction without passing over the vertical limit of your cursor. With the new physics if you move your cursor then the missile will make the correction, but they carry more momentum so it takes more than one correction to the course before they will be on target again. Like the left side of your picture. Does that answer your question?

Because of auto guidance (in our case SACLOS), and overcorrection (MCLOS). In a technical sense, missiles don’t fly straight anyway, unless you are static, and your target is static. A sway of the missile is because it’s “beam guided” or “wire guided,” your crew is trying to get it to target as fast as possible, so the missile may or may not have time to correct itself in its flight trajectory, in other words, in a effort to try and get on target, it moves as fast as possible, the missile will go past its intended path, unless it is moved and controlled so minutely it will not have to over-correct itself, otherwise it will lead to a slow wiggle to the left and right with major adjustments.

Does this help?

Even when doing this the missile oscillates. That’s my frustration.


What’s the missile? It is probably a “type specific” thing or a bug in game.

Roland 3.

How is it being used? IRST, Radar track, or free hand?

Radar track / IRST

It probably has to do with the IRST system being used, it will have a “hitching” effect where when it goes in and out of searching and tracking, specifically with SWT IRST and Radars, it just causes it to happen, I don’t really know a better way to explain. I’m assuming this is the FlaRakRad/Pz?

XM975 although I’ve used the missile before on the French Roland.