When tracking side target missile oscillates why?



What does this even mean? What are you trying to ask or figure out? Your post includes no useful information at all.

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Why does the missile oscillate?

Are you talking about in flight when the missile is making adjustments as it flies toward the target? If so, they make tiny adjustments constantly to ensure they are on the appropriate intercept course for the target.

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Yeah that’s why it’s confusing why it’s oscillating a tiny smooth adjustment shouldn’t whip it

That isn’t how the systems work. They are constantly processing target data and data on their own positions so quickly and so often that they can’t really have a perfectly smooth flight pattern. Even the slightest changes will cause the missile to make an adjustment and planes in combat don’t fly in a perfectly straight line for the missiles to not be constantly changing trajectory.

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Yes that’s my point. The system isn’t working.

You misunderstand, they don’t make slow smooth movements.

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Yes that’s my point, the system is broken.

It isn’t broken, you don’t know how the system works in game or in real life. That is the problem.

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Dude has never touched SPAA in game and is pretending to be an expert and implies that it works as it should be.

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Because its not predictive path guidance.

If you want that, its either IR missiles, Radar missiles, or certain AGMs.

Aswell as the Tor-M1


U talking about missile aircraft or tank?

I think depending on missile (age), it’s also not that control surfaces are deflected gradually for small adjustments, but always full deflection, but for shorter times.

I’ve seen this demonstrated ages ago with an AIM-9P seeker on a stand, with a heat source on a rotating disc: The control fins would not constantly “follow” the target, but snap to full deflection when the target would arrive in another “sector” of the seeker.

Such a control mode can then result in such an oscillating looking flight path, as the missile always adjusts course, over-controls, and corrects, resulting in an over-correction, and if this happens several times an oscillating flight path…

Or so I imagine… = /

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It oscillates.

That’s what I’m saying.

It shouldn’t oscillate yet it oscillates.

Roland 3

I mean, it make sense that it does once one consider what one is asking the missile to do. Should it do that however idk.

But also since you quoted the “radar missile” bit. Roland doesn’t fire radar missiles.

Go in a curve?

It shouldn’t be snapping in the other direction at all.

It goes in a curve untill it hits where you are aiming at which point it straightens out to align with where you are aiming.

If you are expecting optimal trajectorynat what you are targeting with the radar, then thats reserved for the Tor-M1 afaik.

He doesn’t understand what he is trying to find out. I already explained it to him and the Game Master explained it too. Just don’t engage anymore, he made like 5 posts like thisnone and he is doing the same circle talk stuff he is doing here.