When JA37D is 11.3, F104 ASA needs move to 11.0

It only has 4 aim9l with a broken RWR, I have no idea why ASA should have same BR with JA37D

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So you wont want to play it could be reason tho… I agree its kinda dumb and aim-9L’s flare as easy as aim-9B’s in my ingame experience or r60’s only dif is u need to turn of afterburner sometimes but not allways

I still believe that if Gaijin can’t extend the BR to 12.7 even 13.0, The F104 ASA should go to 11.0, and 104s need to go to 10.7, 104G and 104J needs to reduce the BR as well.

I agree m8 dont even own one to be biased about it which is sad cause ive loved widowmakers since childhood but have very little reason to play them

Till now the German f104g and US F104A are still playable I think

Yea the A was because its br change I played and spaded the japanese one and Usa but when it was higher br the 9J’s where ok to use but no flares and r60m’s kinda stopped me

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