When is Gaijin going to model the MIM-104 Patriot?

While I would love to see the “haha I win” machine added to the game, I think the biggest issue with the Patriot coming is simply how much range the system has. Even in it’s earlier versions the Patriot has ~70km of range if I can recall properly. Honestly adding the Su-25SM3 was just a mistake with it’s new missiles, especially considering we have yet to see a later A-10 or later AMX variant.

Italy cries in the corner with anti-aircraft manger with a cannon without anti-aircraft missiles

It really shouldn’t have APFSDS.

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yahhhhhhhh good point

hold on, alvis said the opposite so it’s true guys @Vamilad close the thread razervon the gaijin glazer spoke.

Hmmm? Interesting straw man.
Also weird of you to continue to attack everyone that criticizes your precious game.
Keep defending War Thunder from our critiques. ;)

This topic is about Patriot, which isn’t needed. IDK what USA can receive, but it ain’t Patriot.

Also Razer isn’t here.

The difference is the amount of complains from each side. US mains, unlike soviet/russians, are always complaining for X or Y reason.

F-20 TO 11.7 and so on.

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I would love to see a video of how you accomplished that.

What is there for a USSR player to complain about exactly?

Last time there was legitimate reason to whine was when the F-14 was added without a counterpart for anyone else.


The F-20 to 11.7 makes sense when all its analogues are 11.7, and some are 11.3.
But that goes to this topic:

F-20 is fine where it is the entire BR range should be moved up with 13.0 added

Until the last patch, lack of proper multirol aircrafts or a top tier striker.

I must have missed where the SU-25T was disabled ingame.

i reported that as off-topic because it is, but of course gaijin hasn’t taken it down because it’s not RuSSians complaining

yeah sure, a modest CAS, the only SPAA this new missile doesn’t have stand-off range against: the Pantsir. It’s superior

You mean the subsonic striker without thermal TGP that was/is useless on half the maps because of the fog? Not exactly a good example.

Missiles, unlike GBUs, can be intercepted with any SACLOS SPAA.

yeah just intercept it dud ha lol ? You’re not even arguing with me. And gbu’s can be intercepted now they changed it recently.

And now you’re calling War Thunder’s critics “apologists”.
Dude, stop attacking everyone that criticizes War Thunder. Critics aren’t gaslighting, critics know the scientific process.

Pantsir is tied with ITO-90M and TOR-M1, it’s not superior in anything other than anti-drone and anti-helicopter range.
And NATO has stand-off weapons on supersonic platforms for over a year.
F-16C is still vastly superior CAS than Su-25SM3.

There’s a reason I’m not getting the new Su-25.

I mean, if you can intercept the missiles at any range it doesn’t matter if it can travel 10km or 100km; there nothing to argue in that regard.