When is Gaijin going to model the MIM-104 Patriot?

We can’t have AGM-114Ls they’d be too strong, but the USSR can have KH-38MLs which outrange any NATO SHORAD system making SPAA completely useless to play.

If you want Air to be the main way to counter air reduce its spawn points to allow first spawn for interception.


They probably never will. It is a much more powerful system than aircraft currently in game could handle even if they added ECM pods… Also, it would not be able to be player controlled because of the size of the system and amount of vehicles, let alone the fact it is a stationary system.


Gaijin’s map design has not encouraged mobile SPAA play.


If you do add Patriot they will just add S-400 and claim its better…sooo…


Take all the the air maps in the game…

RuSSia gets the bets CAS and best SPAA in game. SHOCKER
USA has their balls chopped off…SHOCKER


By the time you’ve set up all the necessary vehicles in a PATRIOT battery the fight will be long over.

Why would you not have systems set up prior? There’s literal airfields and helipad bases near the battle area on every map with SPAA emplacements already lol

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what about the Avenger. It’s supposedly well known, and people have brought it up, but I don’t know of it’s capabilities

The Avenger is outlcassed by the SPAA already in the US tree. The Type 93 is basically the same thing, minus a 12.7mm machine gun.

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This would fix the CAS problem in top tier because the instant you’d spawn a missile would get launched to intercept you. Plus without jamming pods, not that they would make a difference anyway, you’d stand no chance of getting away.

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Basically what Japan has…humvee with stingers…no other arms…no thx imo.

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No ones keeping you here.

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Play USSR or pay…

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NATO has out-ranged all SPAA in-game for 2 years now.
Only complaining now that Soviets finally have a modest CAS that’s not even top 10? lol

Soviets have neither the best SPAA nor the best CAS.
USA and France have the best CAS in War Thunder.
France, Sweden, China, and USSR are tied for best SPAA.

Play any tech tree.


S-400 outclasses the patriot. Patriot is garbage tier when compared. Equivalent of patriot would be S-300

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Exactly what it feels like playing vs the A-4E or TRAM at their respective BR’s lol.

CAS is a blight on GRB’s, no matter what nation it comes from.

The AGM-65 can not be guided past 10KM that’s well within range of all functional high tier SPAA.

Equally the PGM-500 France uses has the exact same limitations.

The KH-38ML as shown in the video above does not have these limitations holding guidance well past even 18KM the max range of the Pantsir. On top of this the missile itself is double the speed of other options.

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For the often cited sake of balance:
SPAA capabilities should be on par with CAS capabilities.

If CAS gets a missile or guided bomb that can be launched from 20km away, then SPAA should have a Radar to detect the plane and a missile to counter the thread.

At the moment the Pantsir is the only one even remotely capable of such a task. The Tor-1 from the chinese TT is not really up to it (personal experience) and the VT-1 of the ITO has neither the range nor the manouverability to deal with planes at a distance of 8km or more.

So for ppl who enjoy CAS, this is the perfect game, people who came to play Ground RB will move to lower BRs or eventually to a different game.