F-20 should be 11.7

In a world where the Mirage-2000C is 11.7, and the F-14A is 11.7, F-20 does not deserve to be 12.0 In my opinion.


its a worse f16 but at the same br


How about 10.7~11.

FFS, it is such a half baked potato.



The f5e is 10.7.


Bruh the patch is out not even for one day and people are already calling for BR adjustments.

What even is this forum.


I believe not in my opinion. The F-20A should stay in 12.0. People that are new to using it and don’t know how to use it correctly they will just gonna complain about it. Flight model is good tho just like your average daily F-5C.



11.3 imo, its equal in capabilities overall to the F-4S after flying out the 4S against them for a bit now.

But this is a F-5 airframe its going to be horribly overtiered for all eternity because people keep trying to turn fight them and complain about it.

average prem user if they can’t press a “I win” button


@Malekitth In fact F-20 stay to 12.0 it’s fine, not bad dogfight 1 on 1 and BVR tactic

Gaijin buff AIM-7F lock range 40km → 80 km but it’s bug ?

That’s why I said 10.7~11.

Half baking a potato like A6-E TRAM is bad rep.

it probly should be 11.7 as the op said the plane is super good but not getting 2 radar and 4 ir missiles kinda hurts it but we will have to see what gaijin will decide to do since it will do work in 12.0 still

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.>Spends 75 bucks on a premium
.>Doesnt know how to play
.>10.7 plzzzzz

Every single time


You haven’t played F-20 for more than one day. You literally haven’t had enough time to get adjusted to the aircraft, first get used to the aircraft and learn how to play it at it’s respective br, then come to the forums if you have something to say.
Complaining about a plane while having only 4 matches of experience is super pointless.

SO having 3 times more missiles and much better missiles makes it the same or almost the same br, your balancing is somehow worse than gaijin’s

It’s a pack vehicle isn’t it?

and? the mig 23 mld and the ml are the same br, so whats your point

It ain’t free.

EDIT: MiG 23M’s BR is 11.0, the MiG-23ML& MiG23-MLD’s BR is 11.3…

If you’ll be comparing them by BR ranges, then you might as well include aircraft at BR 12.0

I don’t know about spending money but when I spend mine, I expect the value of it… psh… US$70? Half baked potato? How about $35.50 (and that’s for the extra AIM-9s and AIM-7).

and? the mig 23mld and the ml are the same br while the ml being ever so sligtly worse, just because you spend money doesnt mean that the matchmaking now rolls around that vehicle