When is BT-5 and BT-7 going up in BR?

When is BT-5 and BT-7 going up in BR?
When you compare BT-5 with T-26, it is clear that those two shouldn’t be at the same br, both have the same firepower and nonexistent armor, yet BT-5 is vastly more mobile. T-26-4 is even worse, because of lower effective range.
BT tanks are probably the closest competitor to Stuart tanks in terms of usability at low BR and often choice for seal clubbing.

I want to open conversation about balance in 1st rank and this is one of the most obvious examples.


How about never. Just because one vehicle is better than another doesn’t mean it should go up in br. The T-26 is not exactly a bad vehicle and not to mention it’s the reserve vehicle, meanwhile you have the BT-7 being already a higher br with it being better so the logic that it somehow needs to be a higher br makes 0 sense. It also doesn’t make sense as to move up the BT-5 as it’s not overpowered and really just saying it’s better than the T-26 isn’t enough of a justification for the BT-5 to be put up in br.

Also comparing any of them to the T-26-4 is a really low standard, that thing is inherently bad and honestly is one of those vehicles that could be removed like the old reserve vehicles so anyone can skip the thing, and nobody would complain.

In truth moving any of them in br doesn’t make any sense given how and rank 1 is for Russia in the game, as really the only good rank 1 ground vehicle they have just so happen to be the BT tanks.

One last thing is that in terms of the skill gap between experienced and inexperienced players, it’s so vast that even if you moved the BT-5 and BT-7 up that wouldn’t really change much as they already have other good options and they would still be seal clubbing. That being said their isn’t much reason to go seal clubbing in the game unless you are doing it for the sake of it, that or a new nation or sub tree is added so you end up playing low tier anyways. For me those are the only times I ever go down that low and even then the lowest I go is with the Ka Chi as it’s just a menace since most of them can’t figure out how to kill it despite it being easy to cripple, and I think I have only taken it out twice so far this year. (Well I also do go to low tier with the T-35 only because of the fact I got a good discount for it, and even though I really like it I rarely touch it and haven’t even used it in a single match so far this year)

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Lol, then why bother with BR system at all?:)

Regarding BT-7 I don’t see it much better than BT-5, for all I care, all 3 BT tanks could be put to same BR and foldered, but I am not trying to compare them.

What I am trying to emphasize is the clear performance difference between some tanks in the same BR at 1st rank. In this case BT-5, T-26 and T-26-4. As you mentioned T-26-4 is clearly even worse.


I don’t care whether anybody plays for the sake of seal clubbing. Why I mentioned it is because experienced players clearly see advantage in vehicles such as this and are able to effectively use it. Which to me is clear indication that the vehicles is signifcantly better than others at the same BR

The moment Gaijin adjusts the BR of certain tanks, smart players leave them behind and look for alternatives that fulfil their needs.
By the way, BT tanks are easy targets due to their three-man crew. Yes they are fast but that’s about it. You can hear them from afar with the right sound settings and can prepare accordingly.

Same can be said for T-26, except it is slow.

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BRs don’t necessarily make a lot of sense in general.

For Gaijin the only thing important is the economy, meaning the average performance of a vehicle.

The BTs are very effective for experienced players but for new players a BT is just a T-26 that puts them faster in the crosshair of other players and gets them killed.

Both have very low survivability and new players can’t really take advantage of the BTs better mobility.


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