When are you fixing 9.0/10.0 aircraft with no proper countermeasures?

planes like the f-105d and the f86f-2 both don’t have flares and CONSTANTLY face r60s and better missiles due to premium spam, it wouldn’t be so bad if you were just facing aim9bs and similar. But they get absolutely schwacked by premium su25s with r60s


same problem with A10 and A6 : Harrier Gr1, Lightning, Ariete can’t do anything, just died because lack of flares vs 30G all aspect missiles, they need to make a barrier between 10.0 and 9.7 and below

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meanwhile, 8.3 aircraft meet 9.3…

The whole air battle MM between 8.3-10-3 is horribly compressed and requires not only serious decompression but also hard locks in the MM to prevent Korean War jets from fighting Vietnam War jets with other nuances taken into account. There’s alot to look at.

It seems that this problem isn’t being met with the level of attention and urgency it warrants. This is particularly distressing given how crucial these brackets are to our collective gaming experience.

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ive been having a very rough time in the etendard its flight performance cant even compete with other 9.0s and aircraft below it only has 2 aim 9b fighting 10.0s and of course no flares