When are we going to get BR decompression, seriously?

Current game is absolutely terrible to play, unless you play an undertiered vehicle, or a top tier one.

Seriously, how did the review bombing stop without this being addressed? Like, almost no vehicle in the game right now (other than low tiers) is fun to play because stupid stuff like an AMX-50 fighting a T-55AMD-1, or soon the T-69 II G fighting the TURMS is a thing.

Same goes for air, the F-14A which was the meta a year ago is now absolutely terrible because a highly upgraded version of it is only 0.3 BR higher, and a F-16C with AIM-9Ms is at 12.3.

What exactly is this? We all know it is not for queue times, I have yet to wait over 3 seconds for a match.

And no don’t even start with the “we now have 12.3 and 11.7”, please man, they just added that because of new technology being so much superior, it didn’t fix anything.

And instead of BR decompression we are now just moving every vehicle up in BR, to fix what exactly? Does Gaijin really not understand that moving BRs is not the issue? The AMX-50, which in my opinion is a great example is great at 7.7, it should not face anything lower than Tiger 2s, but it also most definitely should not face T-55AMD-1s or M-60s.

Am I missing something out? Or is this a way that Gaijin makes money? (Although I can’t imagine how on earth compressed BRs make money for Gaijin)


100% agreed.
Same goes with AMX 50 facing OBJ 279. Very balanced and fun.

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Read this far, can’t agree. I enjoy the game.


Well as I see it - The most vocal people here are pretty bad at the game and feel obliged to blame everything and everyone but themselves. So they whine loudly about how unfair everything is.


But why do they keep playing an “absolutely terrible” game?

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I also enjoy the game, my wording was perhaps a bit bad there.

I meant the current game is absolutely terrible to play if you get uptiered, because the jump in technology or performance in even 0.3 BR higher vehicles is insane sometimes.

Please, I did not complain about “oh BVM or M1A2 OP”, or about “why does F-16 exist?”. If you think it is a skill issue to not want to play against T-55AMD-1s or M-60s in a AMX-50 or Centurion Mk.3, I don’t know what to tell you.

Problem is, you just seem to concern yourself with top tier, but you don’t mention this in title, tags or opener. In title would be best.

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That just makes it not get as much ‘traction’… Gotta be obtuse, and hit as many bad points as we can, vague enough that we can get enough in to shout down all those who oppose our opinions as being Gaijin employees and shills… /s

It was a general observation and not specifically aimed at you.
A bit strange that you choose to use the AMX-50 as an example. It is by far one of the most OP tanks for its BR, and handles being uptiered just fine. Unless that you’re talking about the premium one, but that one is also bloody good. So good actually that Gaijin are going to move it up in BR in the next update.

I mean, this was just one example, I just wanted to give an idea of what I mean to the readers. And to be honest, I really don’t think it does well against T-55s that have laser rangefinders, upgraded armour kits and APFSDS.

Yeah I care more about 5.7+, because that’s what I enjoy.

I don’t understand the issue here.

It was marked as sarcasm, and it’s a joke because goddamn look at these forums, and your response to this simple statement.

There were likely even to be suggested threads when you were posting, that alluded to the same topic.

(To have this flagged now, after all this time, shows someone is searching, desperate.)

The same problem exists with the Leopard 1 and the other Rank 5 German vehicles. Getting frequent uptiers in 8.0 is so frustrating when fighting 8.7-9.0 enemies. Imagine when a Leopard 1 gets matched with the Leopard 1A1 and 1A5, which are just 0.3-1.0 higher and have APFSDS and laser rangefinder. I also hate it when they call it “BR balance/nerf” when it was actually good before it was updated. Like, how is it overpowered when you have paper armor but have a power-to-weight ratio vs. good guns and good armor soviet bias.

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My bad, didn’t even see the /s.

Leopard 1 without a stabilizer is in my opinion a good example too, yeah. It should definitely not face Jumbos but it should also not go against T-55s, M-60s and Chieftains.

Air RB French 8.0-9.0 in a pretty bad state, Mystere IVA and Super mystere B2 are either at too high of a battle rating for how god awful their flight models and general performance is or 8.0+ is just Infuriatingly compressed. Which its only a few birds that are a part of the problem like the f-104, mig-21, mig-19, lightning, and a few others. Honestly to those who do play the super mystere still when you are at “tier” it feels like an uptier seeing teams of starfighters, demons and mig 21s. Then if you are "downtiered into the 8.0 -8.7 range you feel like you have a fighting chance but most of the aircraft even in that battle rating just straight stomp on you, with how bad the energy retention is on both the IVA and the super mystere. Either things need to be adjusted down or better yet more BRs and moving things up and away from the sub sonics and early super sonics.

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Too add to this, 8.7-10.3 aircraft are incredibly compressed.

An F-104 or Mig-19 shouldn’t be 9.3, but they can’t go up without being made useless.


Exactly, better example than the F-14A one for sure.

I guess the F-4J could also be a good example, or F-4E.

The most vocal people here are pretty bad at the game and feel obliged to blame everything and everyone but themselves. So they whine loudly about how unfair everything is.

I have a 4:1 KD and 66% win rate, and yet I will say the game absolutely needs decompression all over the place.

The simplest way would not be to muck around with thousands of details in the BR trees, but instead to simply make it +/- 0.7 BR, which decompresses everything evenly and cannot really possibly introduce any big bombshells or horrible problems.

(and it’s not “unfair”, you get downtiers too. it’s just “Way less fun”)