When are we going to get BR decompression, seriously?

But why do they keep playing an “absolutely terrible” game?

it’s not absolutely terrible, but it is, say, 50% worse than it should be with all the compression. There is no way in hell people would rather have 3 second shorter queue times than to do away with full uptiers

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Review bombing didn’t stop, Steam just blocked reviews for the longest time with either a poor interpretation of the rules or just wanting to protect bad developers from bad reviews on their platform.

The changes were insane, look at what the Leopard 1 is doing these days, obviously not a surprise to anyone who actually played the Leo 1 and doesn’t pretend it’s an amazing vehicle.



TS doesnt have correct stats


Says you… but lets use Gaijin’s stats then instead… oh wait.

What point are you trying to make

Orrr maybe for the exact reason they stated they did, which was neither of those, but rather that the reviews were off-topic.

Which they were. Nothing changed from months prior to the bombing vs during it. There was almost a change, but it was reverted. Thus, there was no actual change to the game that would in any way affect new players’ enjoyment of it. Steam quite reasonably does not allow mass changing of reviews in response to nothing changing, since it cannot logically be representative of a huge swing in how much a new player will enjoy the game, when nothing changed.

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Lack of better data does not make garbage data useful.

By that logic, why did we spend billions of dollars building the CERN super-collider, when we could have just said “Well I don’t have any better data, so whatever made up vague best guess about how particle physics PROBABLY work must be accurate then”?

Because reality doesn’t bend to accommodate you when you have bad data, is why. When you only have bad data, it means you simply have no idea what’s going on. It does not mean your bad guess is suddenly correct.

We don’t know what the win rates are. The end.


Ahem. The basic AMX 50 is pretty lame with it’s 90mm gun. The TO 90 can’t pen anything and the 120 is pretty good but is just a magnet shot.

Except if the T-55 is driven by a no-brain, there’s no way an AMX would win

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Yes, this is exactly what I meant.

Obviously I wouldn’t play the game if I didn’t like it a lot, but holy shit man it could be sooo much better with just decompression, or as you said, perhaps just a simple +/- 0.7 BR change for the matchmaker.

The AMX-50 (TOA100) is awesome.

Controversial take: It’s literally happening in front of our eyes - just not as fast as most people want it to be.

These changes are the third in a line of changes that have in the first round decompressed 8.X by raising 9.3-10.X vehicles by .3 (most top tier ground premiums went up around this time by .3, such as the ZTZ96A(P), TURMS, 2S38, 90105, Challenger DS, Leopard 2 PzBtl 123 etc) - and the next patch decompressed 6.7 by pushing 7.3-8.7 vehicles up by .3, which freed up that bracket a bit. (Examples being things like the Leopard 1 to 8.0, Marder/BMPs to 7.7, T-55AM-1 to 8.7 etc). Now it’s in the third iteration where it decompressed 4.X by pushing (or at least was planned, as I hear that the 5.7-> 6.0 changes for some German vehicles was reverted) by pushing 5.3-6.7 vehicles up by .3.

My take on the matter as to why Gaijin is doing it this way is because they want to see if the changes work, since if you moved 5 whole BRs at once it would be very hard to see what was performing the way it did for what reason simply down to the variables with the top tier cap/matchmaking quirks like only seeing 4 full uptier vehicles in a match if you’re fully uptiered/vehicles that didn’t move potentially becoming dominant (think 279) - and also because that would again, be actual hundreds of vehicles moving all at once which people also wouldn’t all be a fan of (gradual change is hard to notice while small incremental changes are easier to follow).

Do I think they could decompress ground more? Absolutely! Do I think some vehicles that didn’t deserve to go up in these changes are going up as collateral (M26/IS-2s don’t need a BR bump this patch but were slated to go up, the FIAT 6614/AUBL went up last patch despite not really being dominant and the patch before saw AAs like the Type 93 and Ozelot go up without any particular reason outside of ‘decompressional mass changes’)? Also no. However, I’m also willing to at least begrudgingly allow it (while also making it clear those specific changes are dumb) as overall it decompressed the BRs without changing things up all at once for too many vehicles to even wrap my head around. They could certainly do it faster, yes, but saying there’s also no decompression is at least in my opinion a bit disingenuous since there has been legitimate changes towards that albeit very slowly.


Not at 7.7 when you have the 50 120 doing a better job in almost every department

They are the only source of information? And without other information proving them wrong or other forms of proof you can’t blatantly state that they’re wrong?

Thunderskill just 1:1 copies player statistics, nothing vague about it, that’s just a misrepresentation of reality.
You don’t like something so you just claim it’s bad without being able to proof that it is bad.

TS has been proven to be wildly incorrect and unreliable as a source. You simply have to accept that we don’t have real data.


I never had that issue, but I’m sure you can find trouble if you really look for it.
Regardless I don’t need TS to know the Leopard stats are abysmal, anyone with 5 braincells or more can come to the same logical conclusion, which lines up exactly with what I said the moment the change happened, Thunderskill just backs up the obvious, as it tends to do.


Wait, what? Source?

But wouldn’t it be smarted to do it from low tier to high tier, so that you can actually increase the BR cap to what you need when you have many vehicles at similar BRs with different technologies?

It’s what I “heard” and I haven’t actually checked - and for now after checking the docs themselves there don’t seem to be any changes to that document.

It could be entirely bogus and someone could be gaslighting me but for now just disregard it as of now, sorry for the confusion!

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