What's wrong with Air SB economy and exp systems?

Now the economy and exp systems are really stupid, each 15mins you will get about 10k exp and 50k SL if you don’t die. however, it almost can’t be done. you need to survive for 15mins and you must land on the AF, which means if you miss that time, you will lose a part of your income(about 20%).

I know Gaijin just wants to stop some BOTs to get income on the ground, but it is really ridiculous. At least they should extend to 30mins, and increase the bonus for kill and bomb base.

Can you believe I got 20 kills in 30mins but only got about 30k exp and 50k SL(yes, because I was killed 7 times)? In RB, if I survive 25mins and got about 4 kills, I can get over 40k exp and 100K SL, what a joke for Air SB.


It’s been like that for a while; they maxed out how much you can earn per 15 minutes so if you max out you stop earning (you should have got 3 kills and flown away for several minutes at a time).

I agree it’s dumb; you should just get what you get. I’ve NEVER seen a “bot farm” in Air SB and it’s all I play now. The problem now is finding a game in the BR I’m trying to get RP for.

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Use to be really common. I still see them now and again. You just get matches where most of the enemy team is in premium attackers like su-25s that make kamikaze runs on an AF. But the recent changes to AFs have unintentionally stopped that for now.

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