What's up with the challenger 2 black nights thermals?

So since the challenger 2 BN has thermal sights for all crew shouldn’t that mean we should get thermals in third person too?

I understand if it’s a game engine limitation, but if it’s on purpose for balance that doesn’t really make sense does it? it’s only gen one thermals and it would help boost the performance of an otherwise cool but underwhelming tank right?

AFAIK driver thermals are modeled. You just need to switch to drivers POV.

As for 3rd person thermals, not a fan. Binocular thermals before commander sight rework were already pushing it but they were at least balanced in a sense they limited your FOV.

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I think the option at least would be nice

Option as for what?

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third person thermals

Well, imo bad idea and not needed as they would be game breaking. Thermals should be tied to the optics as to limit its FOV.
Its a trade off for balance - sure you get highlighted targets but only in narrow cone of your vision.

Having 3rd person thermals, why would you even play without them?

Having NVGs can at the very least be explained that commander is wearing NVG googles but this cope isnt perfect either (panther II for example), moreso NVGs dont highlight targets, its till up to player to spot them.


it could just be gen one(or lower just for balance) as I thought it would be, they would be very hard to see with at any decent range(plus I’m pretty sure thermal goggles are a thing)

Like i said the NVG cope isnt perfect (Panther II has 3rd person night vision but i dont think germans had NVGs during ww2 ;) ).

As for balance, even low res thermals would be broken.

The issue isnt resolution.

Issue is FOV.

Thermals are balanced due to the fact that you are limited by the FOV of optics. Targets get highlighted in that FOV but you are “tunnel visioning” and targets can theoretically “sneak” around your thermals by not entering their FOV.

Having 3rd person thermals, even 1st gen, would broke the game because now you would have extremely wide FOV.

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but also it’s a challenger… it’s not something as hyper hunter killer such as the leopard it’s the second worst MBT

Wait, you are suggesting that only challenger 2 get those or what?

Surely, assuming your suggestion would go through, even if thats unlikely, all tanks with driver thermals would get those (including the Leo2PSO at the very least)?

doesn’t only the BN have them?

No? While i dont have list AFAIK its Stryker, M3 Bradley, Puma, PSO and most NATO tanks with some sort of urban package.

the leopard 2 PSO is also the worst of the bunch isn’t it?

I had no idea so many vehicles had them

Debatable. It brings little upgrades over 2A5 and some think its downgrade to 2A5.

I still have two nukes on it.

With 3rd lerson thermals it would be busted.

what if they just add “thermal goggles” as a modification to certain tanks that should(as in they need a buff and an extra tool in their belt could be that) get them like the challenger 2 BN?

idk if this is actually a good idea or if it’s just something that seems like a good idea but is actually trash like landmines

It would break the game and be massively overpowered, so not a good idea.

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Even if they were balanced in a sense that they got some overlay limiting the FOV and zoom and height of the camera (zoomed in 3rd person like its commander looking outside of the hatch), that sounds like what commander thermals did before they got reworked and tied to the commander optics.

Im fraid it would extremely hard to judge which tanks would get them. Would Abrams get them? Would T-90A get them? Would ariete get them?

While i dont have BN it never seemed ti me like it is struggling that much? BN, 3P and 2E look like very competent tanks, provided their bug reports get solved.

Well thats why you asked a question and were thinking about answer and debating. Others might have different opinion to me, but IMO it would be bad idea.

well that would be pretty easy(from a player perspective Gaijin balances stuff really weird) it could go to tanks that are objectively bad and have nothing “meta” about them, so challenger 2, Ariete and Leclerc