What's these IRCCM for? If it still going for flare?

what is this IRCCM for? i shoot to the rear of the aircraft and it still going to flare! He didn’t pre-flare or anything he just flare after i shoot it.


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IRCCM makes the fov of missile seeker smaller, it will not make it ignore flares.

İt depends actually, for example Aim-9M IRCCM works in way that shuts off seekers head until missile itself gets clear path Meanwhile Magic-2 and R73 has fov that gets smaller as soon as you launch to enemy plane.

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I was under impression AIM-9M has ECCM

Might be confused then, gonna check to see if i was wrong.

At least in game it is labeled as such, ie. IRCCM for more narrow fov and ECCM for the seeker shutting

İ just checked.

On Aim-9M it also explains as IRCCM.

ye, it now shows IRCCM on my game too, but im pretty sure at release, it was labeled as ECCM due to different mode of operation.

My proof being older threads on the topic, such as this one:

and even Defyns video from back then calling it “ECCM” at around 0:35

Aim-9M in game have a comparable Flare resistance to Aim-9L IRL based upon some RAF Docs i’ve seen posted on the forums before.

So they are definetly nerfed for gameplay reasons. Just thankfully they’ve nerfed both sides equally for a change. Im guessing Aim-9X and other 5th Gen IR missiles will have a performance in game akin to what Aim-9M was/is like IRL.


Do we know which version of Aim-9M is in game? Cause if i remember correctly previous versions didnt have really good flare resistance in real life.

While it’s not listed as such ingame, it is modeled as the AIM-9M-4.

İs there any reason why we didnt recieved M9 version? Cause i thought Aim-9X would be next step in sidewinder family.

it has a better irccm

The AIM-9X is a long way away. I’d guess they gave us an earlier version of the AIM-9M, much like they gave us the AIM-9P-1 and the Rb 24 J (which is the AIM-9P-3), and the later added the AIM-9P-4, and then later along the way they’ll add a late AIM-9M such as the AIM-9M-9 or AIM-9M-10.

The MIM-72G has a modified Singer POST seeker, so it should have the full-fat IRCCM system and the IR/UV seeker

In-game, it’s literally identical to the Iglas with 1km more range against afterburning targets.

Funny that thing still missing its reduced smoke motor, wonder if gaijin is ever gonna fix that.

İ know thats why i was surprised when you said we actually have Aim-9M4 instead of M9.

Later version will probably come with upgraded R-73’s and Python-4 missiles looks like.

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That’s what I’ve been thinking. Later we’ll probably get the R-73M, Python 4, and AIM-9M-9 or AIM-9M-10.

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it is identical to the stingers.

Yes, despite having very different seeker technology the Stinger and Iglas have identical seeker performance and IRCCM in-game, while the MIM-72G which has a Stinger seeker has slightly more lock range against rear-aspect afterburning targets with everything else the same.

well we dont have any flare rejection mechanic, aside from IFOV and seeker shut off, so it is not a bug that affects the stinger. the iglas are FM seeker and the mistral have a dual color seeker but neither are implemented in game, until we get new mechanics this is the best we can get. but the seeker in game is the same as the stinger not the igla