What's on your Christmas list to Gaijin this year

More Large maps.
Weather effects like lightning, heavy rain, fog snow on maps.
Sandstorms for desert maps. (Weather effects would last for a short period of the battle.)
Time of day changes during the battle.
Remove the GE cost for camo’s and make them all based on # of kills.
Achieving Mark of distinction on premium vehicles awarded with unique camouflage.
Ammo re-supply locations on conquest maps.
Custom inscriptions for vehicles.
Extend the radius to repair teammates.

That’s it for now.

more large maps
fix western tanks (all of them)
and plz enough with Russian BS
isn’t too much too ask isn’t it?

I think your only allowed 1, dont know if it means 1 vehicle or all of them 😆

Easy, gajin i wish you’d care about any vehicles but the russian ones.

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F**K UP STRV122s and T-80BVM
Repair VT-4

Servers that actually function as intended. Can’t seem to handle the boost in players during the holidays.

Ground only mode for RB

Strike aircraft mission mode for air RB

Bigger maps for high tier air and ground RB

Fewer “shoe box” single point rush maps for high tier ground RB