[Development] Collecting Your Ideas for the 2024 Roadmap

As previously announced, today we’re inviting you to help us create an interesting list of features and improvements for War Thunder that you’d like to see.

Below you’ll find a link to a survey where you can submit your ideas for the 2024 Roadmap. The survey will be available until December 25th 07:00 GMT.

After we’ve collected your ideas, we’ll take some time to look at them in detail thoroughly. As soon as we draw up specific plans for the 2024 Roadmap, we’ll announce them in a news article.


Actually progressing on the daily login, inluding at least the BP points from logging in on the app.


Wow, I didn’t expect you to pull off this massive W today! :D

Let’s just say this makes me happier than any amount of vehicle devblogs could. Thanks for listening.

Now, on to the essay…


Sweet, I’ll take some time and think about what I would like to see.
Thanks for continuing to solicit player feedback and letting us get involved.


the same way youre gonna cry and beg for another thing that happend in may at any minor inconvenience

Give the Oricon Anti-Aircraft Cannon to the BR 5.0 US Tree.


Could we have formatting options in the survey?

As it would be nice for both those who will read it and those who write it to not have a plain text without any spaces between the different points or highlights

Also i haven’t made any comments today on the portal still it says


I just want to say, today has been a great day for warthunder. Thank you, I enthusiastically left my feedback

Im very excited for these roadmaps


I would love to see an update focused on SPAAs.


I sent you ONE… list of 6 things

I sent one in too, out of many

Hello! I tried to be good and state only ONE thing, but I also specified a bit some examples :P

The “one thing” would be the modelling of mobility features. Among these, would be Regenerative Steering (passed to the developers in 2017, come on…), Continuously Variable Transmissions, and Hydrogas Suspensions!



Sent, hope you guys consider. All i really want to see now is the return of older event vehicles through events. Give people who werent around years ago a chance to get them again. Same could be said for the panther II, Tiger 2 10,5 and flakpanzer 341.


Split CMs. Would love to finally get the Missing 1200 chaff on the Tornado IDS (1520 missing CMs for the Torando Gr1) Might actually make them playable


Decompression in Jet BRs or fix matchmakers are really needed for makes playable good old top dogs such as F-2 Sabre, CL-13, MiG-17, Hunter F.1 again.


Fix challenger 2 mantlet. The reports been aknowlaged for 7 months. 😅


I put in there idea similar to titanfall troops but that will be really nice too

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Oh man! I forgot to add that to my suggestion. Being able to rebuy old battepasses and play then in tandem with the current one would be awesome. Kind of like what Halo does. Although in that game you can only pick one at a time. The difference is I found Halos BPs to be significantly easier to finish, and you have way more time to do them. So thats why their model works

This whole thing is nice. Kind of a like a Christmas/New Years wishlist!


We only get to pick ONE thing?
A majority of people have a few suggestions (if not many). its going to be REALLY hard to pick a favorite. And are we also limited to only the game?
Personally i also have a few suggestions on making both the bug report site and the forum a bit better.

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We have 130k+ regular online at any time of the day, that’s about 260k total players every day.
Let’s say 25% of them will write a single suggestion? - Thats 65k ideas they have to sort out.
I am pretty sure they have mechanics to sort trash out but you get the idea

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