Whats everyone's honest opinion on the leclerc and the newly added one?

I’m getting closes to getting one of the leclerc’s and i wanted to hear people’s opinion’s on it and if it’s actually good. I’d also like to know like weak spots and different type of maneuvers i could use since ill be getting in a more serious BR.

most bad 11.7 mbt


Rarely play at such high BR’s, even rarer seeing a Leclerc. Guess it is so bad and france not as popular as Russia, Germany and USA.


It’s strange considering how many of them play more in custom battles and people complain about how scary it is…

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What makes it deserve the most worse 11.7 mbt?

what my opinion? well i didn’t have AZUR and skip S1 and S2 so only Leclerc i had is SXXI (why would i bother other with less armor) and AZUR that supposed to be SXXI with side ERA but no turn out it just S2 with side ERA which noone want it and Gaijin seem not to care enough for French TT anymore it missing spall liner wrong armor that for years still not fix missing LWS and ammunition and slow reload rate (should be 5sec) it need huge buff to keep up with other

hmm before that i can say Brits but not anymore since now they have Challenger 3 and Blacknight are also have amazing system like APS and LWS but Leclerc have none of those maybe Leclerc are one of the worse tanks along with Italian ariete (well at least Ariete have LWS and shooting DM53 but it had no armor)

That’s crazy, i guess there’s no point of a suggestion system if gaijin is not going to listen too players asking and suggesting for buffs to be added and corrections too be brought to France.

it the reason why nobody plays France because they have nothing worth grinding for

The Leclerc is a perfectly average tank that doesn’t do anything well, but it also isn’t bad at anything in particular. Only issue is it’s protection and ammunition, fire rate is also nothing impressive as it’s average.
So French top tier like ups consist of only Leclercs. The AZUR is also a disappointment and doesn’t deserve it’s place in the tech tree. I would just skip it, or use it as a back up after the other three Leclercs.

The thing is, the side armor upgrade is now useless when every rank8 gets stock apfsds. Its only benefit is the remote weapon station sobthat yiu finaly have a roof mounted gun

So the AZUR is worse than the other 3?

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No. Can we stop pretending the Leclercs are still “average” ?
- Mobility : Slightly better than Leo 2s & Abrams, still worse than Type 10 & ZTZs → Above average.
- Firepower : Worst penetration out of all the top tier MBTs and a classic 6 seconds reload → That makes it one of the MBTs with the worst firepower.
- Survivability : This is where things get ugly. You’re as armored as a sheet of paper, you only have 3 crew members and fuel tanks explode all the time for no reason.

In top tier, what matters the most is Survivability > Firepower > Mobility.
The Leclercs are the worst in what matters the most (survivability), are below average in Firepower and are the best in what matters the less (mobility).

The Leclercs are in no shape or form “average”. They’re among the worst top tier MBTs.
Can you still do kills with it ? Yes, but I can also get kills with a Tier II vehicles against Tier VIII by overpressuring them. Does that mean the Tier II vehicles are competitive ? Absolutely not.

Oh wow…

S.XXI = S1 > AZUR > S2

Depending on the map S.XXI or S1 is going to be better :

  • If you’re on a big map on which you can go hull down, you should pick the S.XXI for its CITV ;
  • If you’re on a small urbanized map, you’re going to want to get the most mobility you can so you should pick the Leclerc S1.

AZUR is a S2 with ERA so it should be better than the S2. However, you could argue the additional weight of the ERA is not worth it considering the AZUR ERA is basically worthless : it doesn’t protect against APFSDS or tandem charge missiles, so it’s only useful against HEAT rounds (which you won’t encounter since all top tier MBTs have APFSDS stock now …) and rockets.
What makes me choose the AZUR over the S2 is the additional protection against helicopters : the roof of the AZUR is more armored, protecting you against 30mm and the AZUR ERA will stop rockets.

IMO the Leclerc S2 is the worst of the Leclercs because it has no particularities. It’s just a Leclerc S1 without its strength : speed. It’s really just a fat Leclerc S1 lol.

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So im guessing its like this;



Worse MBTS

Right or wrong?

The more armored MBTs are always going to be the best, so it’s going to be : Sweden > Russia > Germany > USA > China > Japan > France > Italy

I never encounter Israel MBTs so I’m not sure where to put them
Japan can go 2, even 3 places up depending on the player skill (Type 10s may not be well armored but 4 seconds reload on 615mm of pen and 13° of depression can be very dangerous in the right hands).

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I heard Israel is eh since their engine department most of the time kinda saves them but makes it more difficult when coming around a corner or something since people can just constantly keep shooting your engine around the corner. Again it’s something i heard and it’s been a while since someone told me that. But japan is honestly confusing to me…

Like how in the world do they manage to survive with no protection basically.