What will it take for 2S38 to be uptiered the same way it happened to Harrier GR1?

Harrier GR1 was shredding pub games and moved up in BR within months.

2S38 has been shredding games for years now. It clearly overperforms. Yet no action on Gaijin’s part.

I’m not saying there’s Russian bias, but there’s definitely Russian bias.


People being good in them.
Also Harrier GR1 was reduced in BR recently after people finally stopped being amazing in them.
2S38 players aren’t shredding me, they’re dying rather easily.


What BR 9.0 tank do you meet them in for 2S38 to not easily kill you?

Also, being good in them still means 2S38 overperforms. So why not move it up in BR?

It cant overperform with the amount of dummies that bought it during sales, same goes for Wolfpack and 99% of other premiums. Like TURMS,and besides that,2S38 was raised in BR already. As someone whos premium lineup got destroyed in two nations, China and Germany, 5.7 GER and 8.3 later 8.7 China, i do not wish for Gaijin to ruin another lineup i am using for grinding. Like who sane would play TURMS and 2S38 at 10.7,noone.

Leopard A1A1 L/44, Chieftain…

Here’s what the top percentage of players are performing like in it:

Do not use this as evidence for the entire playerbase.
However, if people were doing great in it it’d be moved up.

Thunderskill is not a good source for any data.

The 2S38 could easily be 10.3 or 10.7, purely based on its capabilities. It needs to be moved up.


Its anti-tank capabilities exist at 10.0 with Strf 9040C.

Anybody that thinks the 2s38 needs to be moved up is bad. SO many ‘tanks’ (vans with cannons) are better. It is slow and huge. Its spaa ability is only good against bad players. USSR needs heavy rb buffs. Hell, they even destroyed the obj.120. It is useless now. USA and Germany have much better lineups. Face the facts. If you think USSR is bias you are sadly mistaken AND a bad player.


Not that close. The 2S38 has a noticably better sabot round, better HE-VT (More explosive mass and larger trigger radius), APHE for flanking, IRST to make better use out of it’s improved HE-VT, better crew protection thanks to the unmanned turret and the black hole fuel tank in the UFP, marginally better mobility and a much faster turret.

In exchange, the 9040 gets 3 extra degrees of gun depression, safer ammo storage, armor that can sometimes protect you for a few seconds against low caliber autocannons, and 4 more rounds in the autoloader.

Personally, I’d take the 2S38 over the 9040 any day.


Probably for it to get 3U07 guided shell

Unfortunately these cant be compared. One is soviet the other is British. The British vehicle got rapidly nerfed the second it was looking too strong, and even now is underperforming significantly due to SRAAMs being completely broken. (and that is from someone who used the Harrier Gr1 extensively in 2022 and then stopped completely after the aerodynamics update at the end of 2022 completely killed the missile)

The other is a Soviet IFV that is one of the best Premiums in the game and will sell constantly and consitantly. They have no insentive to nerf it at the moment, if anything, I can see it getting buffs


You have 2 rank 7s and they’re both russian premiums. Forgive me if I completely ignore your opinions on top tier balance


The 2S38 got rapidly nerfed the moment it came out.
Same story as GR1 yet people forget that fact.
GR1 had more skilled players playing it, which is why it went .3 higher than 2S38’s relative increase.
Now they’re identical in BR change.

and yet its been over a year since SRAAMs were broken to the point of being nearly unusable.

4 months since they confirmed they were looking into it

and still no fixes.

Harrier Gr1 is probably one of the worse performing Premiums in teh game right now due to the fact that SRAAMs just don’t work as they should (either in their previous state or in their IRL state)

Clearly Gaijin isnt in a hurry to fix them.

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SRAAMs were always unusable, but people didn’t know how to avoid them for the longest time, and skilled players exploited those less skilled players.

2S38 didn’t have such players to exploit, so it only went up 0.3.

SRAAMs are prototype missiles, getting & verifying information on them takes time.
There’s half a dozen missiles Gaijin is looking into.

SRAAMs werent broken last year. I remember slapping more than a few Mig-23s and Viggens with them in SB, but now you are lucky if they’ll even hit a target flying slow and steady in front of you, not too mention something actually turning. and now everything has CMs further nerfing the missiles.

God I hope they get all aspect and double the range, on top of actually getting guidance fixes

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Exactly! I actually play the tank. It isn’t some amazing win machine. Mine is slower than german leopards, bigger than they are, and its only useful ammo does nothing. + when you fire the apfsds the sabot throw up soooooo much dust you cant see anything.

It is Russian Bias.
TURMS is still undertiered.
BMP-2M is still criminally undertiered.

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I think those are more because of premium/squadron vehicle players sucking, and any bias.

The most prominent type of bias is premium bias imo.