What we like about War Thunder

Okay guys, I want to try and add some positivity to the forum discussion. Let’s face it, we are all still playing War Thunder and there’s a reason for that. What do you like the most about this game? What really keeps you coming back to play? All games have flaws, some more than others, but War Thunder has a lot going for it, too.

This thread is for positive things / what we like about the game. please don’t post negative comments (there are plenty of topics for those!) since I want to try and add some light to discussions here.

if you don’t have anything positive to say, please make another topic or post it in another thread! Thanks for understanding :)

I’ll go first.

War Thunder vehicle models are beautifully crafted; the models themselves, the sounds they make and the visual authenticity are what I love the most about this game. Gaijin’s 3D artists are VERY good at what they do, and I like to think when I buy a pack for a vehicle, it’s supporting those artists a lot because if you take a moment to look at each vehicle CLOSELY, you can see the attention to detail is truly breath-taking in most cases. A good example of this is the Naval Ships; despite being the least popular game-mode (i hope it becomes more popular) - the ship models have so much detail into them, you can see individual gunners on the decks and, honestly, if you put a camera on that deck it wouldn’t look too far from a game that was about walking on a ship. I love it.

I love the damage models being so detailed/realistic. I love how fenders can break off and even get warped/dented from enemy fire/collisions for example. Say what you want about the “realism” of combat in the game but the models/details are awesome.

I love the sounds of engines and the deformable mud/terrain (mudrunner fan here) when driving heavy vehicles. I love how, in Realistic Battles, the game emphasises mobility performance characteristics closer to the real Power/Weight ratios of the real vehicles, unlike other games )WOT) focused more on arcade gameplay. (WT has the Arcade mode for that I guess).

It’s not perfect, but there’s lots I like about this game.

What do you guys like the most?


I love that this game provides an accessible, multiplayer air sim experience. I also love the huge variety of aircraft that this game offers.

I just wish Gajin would get off their lazy butts and improve the gameplay that hasn’t changed in years. Gajin has become too content with only distracting players with new vehicles. We need improved game modes/objectives to accommodate these new gen vehicles.


Absolutely agree here. I’d love to see things like objective modes for vehicles like IFVs; maybe IFVs have to deploy troops (NPC controlled) and cover them while the MBTs escort, etc. More focus on combined warfare objectives.

I always had this idea that IFV/APCs in Ground Battles (and even helicopters that can carry troops!) should be able to deploy NPC infantry that can assist capture objectives (like, they dont fight players with AT weapons, that would be … awkward, but they fight other NPC troop teams) and the IFVs have to escort them while MBTs provide cover and such.


It’s a good game made overly complicated but still a great game and addictive.

I have an interest in WW2 and WT models the vehicles very well. At lower level when we do get same teams of Armour rolling out across the fields its quite magical. Its a shame the game does not do more to encourage that rather than less as immersion and visual have a big part to play in attracting and keeping players.

played a couple of nights in a row after a rest and really enjoyed it.

I stay below 6BR where the game for me is best ,3-5 BR is great currently. I am wondering though what Gaijin will do to spoil it all, there is always something.


Hope, couldn’t be more positive and optimistic than that.


What I love about War Thunder is that it offers an experience nothing else can. It is certainly not 100% historically accurate, but the vehicle models are, for the most part, unparalleled in historical accuracy compared to any other game. It’s damage models are way more realistic and interesting than just health points. The game looks far better than any other game in this genre, and in my opinion, as someone who has played WoT, it is far more fun. War Thunder also has a level of variety unmatched by any other game.


First of all, a big thank you for this topic! People, like me, often tend to only see the negative and need an active reminder to look at the positive aspects from time to time.

The first positive aspect that comes to my mind is that WarThunder offers me what WoT couldn’t anymore. After more than 10 years, I took another look at WoT and was shocked. Then I remembered WarThunder and there I was again.

That brings us to the next point. You get to learn a lot and if you like to sit on your arse and figure things out, this is the place to be. Because on the surface, WT is quite simple but difficult to master.
And I’m still working on “mastering” it after more than 3/4 of a year.
WT quickly shows me where my limits are and that I can work on expanding them. And that went so far that I looked for help here in the forum to get the CAS problem under control. And I managed to do that in a very short time thanks to the support here.

Even though many people criticise the map rotation, I think it’s good because I get the chance to play a map more than once, or even in succession, and try out new things or correct mistakes I’ve made.

I also think it’s great that you can take several vehicles into a battle, because you also get the chance to correct mistakes or react to the changing situation in battle.

And then there’s that great feeling when you win/loose a long and tiring battle that was also very close and both teams write a respectful “GG” or “well played”.


The balance of the game’s vehicles despite minor issues are is very well done. Far above other games due to the extra “tiers” of separation.

I love that vehicles use what they can use rather than what militaries purchased for them to use.
This level of realism is something I’ve missed in other games.

First, I’d like to qualify my post by saying . . I am old . . .lol, no really. I have been playing games my entire life . . 60+ years at least. I have always enjoyed a good game . . win or lose, just a good game(ofc I like winning but it is not my main motivation). I have played tabletop games, cards(oh my lord the card games!) and I played pinball for years before ANY type of video game ever game about. I have spent enough money on Arcades over the years to put anyone thru college . . . and grad school. I played all sorts of console games over the years(even tho I have never actually owned a console . . lol) and have been playing games online steadily for about 20 years(just celebrated 10 years here in WT a week ago) and I have to say, I find War Thunder to have the best I have come across as far as online games go for a few reasons. I even spent a couple years dealing craps, blackjack, roulette & poker in Las Vegas(that’s whole other story right there!)
First, I am still amazed(this is where the old part comes into play. … lol) that we are able to play a “live” game with people from all over the world any time of day using all these different vehicles in matches/battles the way that we can . . . it still is amazing to me. When I started it was just planes & I was not very good at it. But I kept on and improved some over time. What hooked me was the P-51 Mustang. As a kid, this was my favorite plane, still is . . to look at anyway(I can’t fly it very well here, but that’s ok) it is just the best looking to me . . so cool. My first premium purchase was a Mustang. And when they added tanks(I made a WOT account in 09’ but only lasted about an hour and said . . . nah)I was excited to participate in the CBT and learn how to play tanks here. It was great fun early on. I can say the same for naval. I still play all 3 vehicle types, but still mainly just fly planes in AB. I like the faster pace and constant action that mode provides. I play mid tier WW II props almost exclusively, better game play/competition, requires more skill & critical thinking all while reacting to the rapidly changing environment. Thinking on your feet(lol) and “situational awareness” help a lot.
But yes, the vehicles, the way they look and are modelled is very impressive. I decided to become a “Collector” early one & I have managed to get everything researchable in game 5 or 6 times(even after tanks were added!) and currently have 1,887 vehicles.
I don’t really grind for specific vehicles too much anymore and only have the Russian air tree complete at this time. Since I don’t play top tier much, I have changed to doing the Battle Pass stuff and spend most days doing Daily & Special tasks for that. Always something to do here! . . . another thing I like about WT.
I could, and I think we all can, make a good long list of things we would change with the game, and that’s ok. Suggestions and ideas can help improve the game. There is a lot of negativity, angst & toxicity . . but I feel like a majority of that is brought into the game by players maybe. Even tho we all have been frustrated by the game as well. I just play the game I am given, find the parts I still like to play and don’t worry too much about any of the rest of it. There is something for just about everyone here to do and play and that is another thing I like about it. It’s a great game, despite the flaws, otherwise I do not think so many would still be here. I will play another 10 years, should I live so long and still be able . . . . ☻


There’s something about the “Target destroyed” text that makes satisfies me


Watching the replay of my aphe absolutely destroying some player makes my hair stand up

That is an important part of War Thunder. How hard it can be and the sense of achievement at getting better slowly but surely . That is why I feel strongly that we should not lower the game standards for the stupid and lazy. Keep the uneven and varied maps, Enjoy the vehicles diversity and the fact that not all nations line ups are built the same way.

Dont let unimaginative and whiny kids squeeze the personality out of the Game.

Dev,s, Moderators and maybe even the game owners need to be stronger and stand up to lazy people who want everything smaller, flatter, faster and easier.


I like decorating my tanks.
Players going full meme mode is fun too.

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There’s just not a lot of games that let you fly some of these planes, especially now. How many games allow you to fly something like the F9F-5 or Ouragan? Even something that was as commonplace as the F-104 is pretty rare in games.

On top of that, the gameplay strikes a good balance for an arcade flight game in RB. It’s not nearly as over the top as Ace Combat or its peers, but is still pick up and play and does not require any sort of peripheral to be set up for the best experience. If you like cold war jet combat, there’s really no alternative short of DCS, which is aiming for a totally different experience (to RB).


the fact one shot can kill you or 20 dont do anything replacing numbered HP and colored health bars which is a standard elsewhere and the extensive amount of vehicles the beautiful giant maps in custom battles and pradesh

thing is its the only game to provide that

The fact that Im allowed to do this and make players cringe or get mad and shoot me with Mg when they see it…is awesome lol


They added a toggle to turn off decals recently.

Mine were awesome before they started bowing to the complaints.


I’m probably a below average player but the rare good rounds I get are like crack to me.


Keep on topic guys! comments removed… if you wish to debate game play stuff, there are thousands of other existing topics for that…

Thanks guys!


I enjoy the physics of the vehicles, especially some of the fastest ones. I use cruise control not gears and it’s still fun and challenging. The challenge for me, is to not go so quick that I crash or miss a corner in my FITA 6614!

It seems to me that the best way to play naval battles is through the battlepass, they always have an unlockable ship and a camo for it, but I’ve never got into it. I’m a bit broke these days but hey the game will still be around in 5 years I think.

I will feed the snail some more money for camos when I can ;-)

The average premium fan vs the Gaijin chad camouflage enjoyer :P

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