What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

If it does have direct fire then it’d be quite a cool addition, but I’m skeptical consideirng the shape of the vehicle as well as the vast majority of mortar carriers not being able to

Isnt this already a suggestion

Reserveldrörsvagn would definitely be cool but there is another option for a Swedish MLRS in the form of Bv 206 with LARS


No, that mortar carrier is not based on the hull of the lvkv 42. It’s based on the tankett fm/49 which was a predecessor of the ikv 72. There are multiple “fm/49” just like there are multiple “m/42”. It also could not do direct fire which is very clear by just looking at it

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Thank you

I can’t find it here List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Sweden Ground Forces so I guess not.

Oh! That’s another exciting one. I do, however, have a soft spot for the older stuff.
Anyone wanna do the research on this one? :)

Sweden needs a viable rank 6 jet is what it really needs. God the lansen is so mid

I feel we need more Pvkan m/43 (75mm) wielding vehicles, its such a good cannon that even the stock ap round feels good to use.

Boy do I have something for you:

While it is cool and i would want it, does anyone really play MLRS vehicles? Dont think I’ve ever seen anyone play one or even recommend them.

Isn’t that because besides being a bit difficult to use, they are also all premium?

I once got the rocket boy from Japan as a test drive, it was fun and i did manage to get kills, but it didn’t feel like spending real money on something hard to use, would be a good investment

what vehicles are sweden in most need of??? CAS vehicles, yes the entire swedish TT doesn’t have a single 1000kg bomb (Ju88 exist but it’s a rank 2)

Don’t think we really went past 600kg
The T-18B was capable and planned to carry a 1000kg bomb, however i can’t really find out if the bomb was ever made or abandoned

Swedish CAS is a joke and below the bare minimum to function, we need an entire new subtree and norway and denmark won’t cut it, they too barely have CAS and it wouldn’t really make much of a diff, maybe in some BRs it will help but in some not all.

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True, but even if they were tech tree i doubt people would use them. They seem to be meme vehicles, but not the good kind, just the “it looks fun” kind. Hoping for the Bv LARS but i wouldn’t mind other vehicles getting added first.

The Saab 18?
Nah man, that shit is a damn good, you’ll be bombing, dogfighting and somehow surviving

woops, thinking about the wrong post
I did kinda like the Type 75, but in the end i’d only use them if they are research

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I personally love the B18 & T18 series, but people forget the B17A is also a good option when there is other aircraft up, it turns great even with full bomb load, Has 250kg bomb + 4 50kg bombs. if you are precise you can get a kill with each bomb. And you can act as a recon aircraft since your stall speed is incredibly low with about 100km/h. Although you are vulnerable to AA guns. your airframe can take a surprising beating.

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Or i like to bring the J20 to 5.0, the J22-A too. i personally don’t find the J21 series too good at CAS roles. Sure the A21-A3 has CCRP but for me i personally find it better to focus on preventing the Enemy to have a say in air dominance. The Finnish buffalo is also great for that

Ive never had a problem with Swedish cas, the only mid ones are the early jets, no bombs yeah? But the rest are pretty good.