What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”


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Do you have any info regarding the real ASRAD? Cause to my knowleedge the version we have in warthunder is fake since they never used the m113 chasis and sweden had a truck to mount the system instead. I assume they just had someone make the weapon system then just copy pasted the turret on to the chasis cause its cheap and fast but id love to see the vehicle be represented correctly.(oneday lol)

The M113 ASRAD is real in the sense that it existed but pretty much only for testing or showcasing that it can be mounted on practically anything

When it comes to the truck, you’re probably thinking about the finnish Ito 2005 which already has a suggestion

There is also the Greek one but that uses the German set-up that’s on the Ozelot


Yeah too bad i doubt gaijin will change it to the ito05

Also what source did the bug report about the cv90120 speed was used cause i didn’t see any sources for that. I believe the document i had seen while looking at info for rhe T varient stated that the original values in game were correct. Unless it was for the cv90120mkIV which has the 1000hp engine but also weighs 38 tons. Regardless id like to see if anyone has any sources to counter the bug report or if anyone could tell me otherwise.

That s.11 van could be good for swedens thin 6.7 lineup.

This was the bug report made for it, i’m not a car guy so idk how these types of calculations are made
maybe he just did the math?
or are you specifically looking for what engine it’s refeering to

But if i look around, multiple websites states it has 70 km/h road speed while talking about the normal variant

Nah i checked into it, just wish it would get thebsoftkill since its modeled it just doesnt work, its technically the earliest model of the T series.


Its not really fake since it did exist, if you mean fake as in Swedish service then yes.

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Interesting thanks for the note

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Does anyone know if the Lago I with the 37mm was ever made?
From what i’m finding it just keeps mentioning a hungarian 40mm being used but other calibers were an option

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I want to start seeing all the Swedish articulating vehicles like the Bandvagn 206, UDES XX and BVS-10

As well as BAMSE for a Pantsir equivalent AA


they were considering the 37mm IF the Lago was to be used by Sweden since we didn’t have that 40mm ammunition, thus it would be easier to supply the tanks. We then told Landsverk to develop the better Lago I or the Strv 42

My understanding is that the Lago in-game is in a semi-fictional Hungarian configuration with Hungarian machine guns that were to my knowledge never mounted and the 40 mm was intended to be the armament for Hungary. Initially the Lago was marketed with a 47 mm gun however. I’m not sure what gun was fitted to the prototype though

If added, i hope it’s a lot better mechanic than the Churchill croc, that thing can be a nightmare


Anyone knows what the armor package is called? think it’s made by Rafael but not much luck with the name

Introduction to Western Infantry Fighting Vehicle Explosive Reactive Armor Kit