What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

If added, i hope it’s a lot better mechanic than the Churchill croc, that thing can be a nightmare


Anyone knows what the armor package is called? think it’s made by Rafael but not much luck with the name

Introduction to Western Infantry Fighting Vehicle Explosive Reactive Armor Kit



Auto 40 Mike-mike? Sounds cool, as long as it gets the multi-purpose rounds.

Im just wondering where the heck they got the information for the Lvkv 42 from our national museum doesent know anything about it other than what it has in it since the have both variants in its arsenal over at Arsenalen

The 122s were better than their derivatives for about 5-6 years then stuff likr Leopard 2E, 2A6 EX or 2A6 Hel came around.

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Which by my rough estimate, the 123A upgrade will be a FCS, Gun caliber (in length), and mobility.

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FCS, sure. Gun, also sure…

Mobility? Unless they’re modifying the final drives like Germany has done on the 2A7V, forget it.

I mean, probably (not), but you never know.

I personally want the Swedish Panzer V, along the Churchhill they evaluated, although i dont remember if the Churchhill was armed

hold on let me get my poster from SFHM for the total 120 or so Tanks we tested/Trialed.
God forbid all of them get added to Sweden. I want every nation to have its own vehicles to have a reason to actually play other TTs

By this logic Britain, USA among others gets the darn Strv 103 since they was participating and consider (for a short time) if they wanted the Strv 103… Sigh. Please don’t make WT a nightmare where every country is basically the same country.

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I thought this was a wishlist place? Sweden literally bought the Panther, and the Churchhill, and tested them for multiple months

God forbid i want something in a videogame i guess


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i just believe it defeats the entire point of having different TTs

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That’s a fair point, i just want them as the 5.0-6.3 lineup isn’t that big and I’d like to have more vehicles, there may be other Scandinavian vehicles that could go there instead of the vehicles i said, which should go there instead of them, although i do believe the Panzer V would make a good event/tt vehicle (pls dont make it prem gaijoob)

AR isn’t the best of sources tbh, but the only mobility improvement it mentions are newer tracks (likely the same ones that 2A7V commercialized). So per so, not a real improvement.


You want alternatives to C&P vehicles? Okie-dokie here I go.

Swedish domestic alternatives for 5.0 - 6.7 that i can find just on the forums

Tridon: wheeled 40 mm L/70
Lvkv m/43 (1949) & Lvkv m/43 (1957)

Infanterikanonvagn 102 (1956)
Pvkv m/43 (1954)
Pansarvärnsrobotterrängbil 9032

Armed Recon Vehicles:
Terrängbil 16 “Galten” Delserie 3 (40mm automatic grenade launcher)
Terrängbil 16 LEMUR (30mm Chaingun from the Apache)

Finnish domestic designs for 5.0 - 6.7 that i can find just on the forums

20 ITK 40 VTK Half-Track
23 ItK 95 SP

GAZ-69 95 S 58-61 Musti
StuG III Sturmi (not domestic but significant even being used after the war)

Norwegian domestic designs for 5.0 - 6.7 that i can find just on the forums

Panserjager NM-116 “The Norwegian Super Chaffee”
Panserjager NM-116 (Late)

M29 Weasel m/106 mm rekylfrie kanon
Unimog m/SS11 panservern

So, you get it yet? There is ALOT of vehicles gaijin can add that aren’t C&P There is more from the Cold war. Like the Danish M41 DK-1 a modernised Walker Bulldog with:

  • 465 hp Cummins VTA-903TR diesel engine (2000 rpm)
  • 76mm APFSDS-T (AAI)
  • Wegmann smoke launchers (4 on each turret side)
  • Thermal night vision sights for gunner (Jahn Anderson)
  • Laser rangefinder (Erricsson Radio Systems)
  • Night vision periscope for driver & commander (Texas Instruments)
  • New fire control system (AEG Telefunken)
  • New fire-suppression system (Firewire)
  • Halogen searchlight on mantlet
  • Storage bustles on turret with spaced armor capabilities
  • New sideskirts
  • Revised internal layout
  • Add-on tracks fitted to hull front
  • 7.62 DISA machine gun mounted on commander’s cupola
  • Thermal sleeve for 76mm gun
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Almost none of the actual tanks you posted could fit the gap i was talking about, but thanks

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Swedish Churchill didn’t have any armament. One Churchill ARV was actually in service before the Centurion ARV came along but it wasn’t armed either