What tank do you think can fit in USSR 9.0?

It barely has any vehicles in there if you take out Object 279 and BMD-4 which are exclusive items, you wouldn’t have it if you don’t have a gf who cosplay at twitch, so that left only two vehicles? T-62M1 and BMP-3? I think we could have that T-64 prototype with 115mm gun in tech tree, or anything else do you see it could fit in there perfectly fine? I often find the Object 775 is pretty mediocre if it even get uptiers to 9.7, the ATGM damage is disappointing at best, I have 200 ping maybe that somewhat makes the ATGM slightly harder to control.

Just because you’re playing at 9.0 doesn’t mean that 8.7 vehicles stop being effective. I don’t have these but from what I can tell they are all viable vehicles.

There’s always the BMP-2, Object 285, Object 435, T-55AMD-1, and the premium T-55AM-1. (AM-1 might even be undertiered).

As for US, German, or British vehicles you may face in a full uptier, they won’t have much “new stuff” at 10.0. Italy and Sweden however are pretty capable at 10.0, but luckily for you they are also less played. So in essence playing at 9.0 you will face much of the same vehicles as you’d do at 8.7. You are still just out of reach of seeing Abrams, Leopard 2A4 etc.

Sure, I’d like to see more 9.0 vehicles as it’s a good BR, but remember that most other nations are in a similar position as you - having to substitute lower BR vehicles in their lineup.

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Doesnt have to be a prototype, it can easily be the serial T-64.