What rank 6 planes aren't trash?

*I have the 104A, and I haven’t bought the F9F-2 (270,000SL)

So my end goal is the Eagle, Tomcats and Falcons, but I’m not sure where to go next, which planes are actually worth buying to progress to rank 7? (Out of the F-100D, F3H-2 and the F-104C, which are the immediate options, and I might be open to researching the F8U, and the strike aircraft line to get decent CAS planes. But most importantly, I’m able to immediately start researching good planes in rank 7 so which are they?)

F-104s are fun for boom n zoom, they slaughter in downtier but they suffer from uptiers.

Just have your sextant and naval maps ready so you can plan ahead your turning.


F-100D, F8U2, AV-8C, A-4B, and F-3H are all good aircraft, with F8 and F-100 being the best.
F-104 is quirky and a one trick pony.

I most recommend the F-100D. It’s not the fastest, it however has 4x AIM-9Es and decent dogfight performance with good guns to boot as well.
It’s really good at killing F-104s with its AIM-9s, and other targets with guns.


The f-104 is just fun to play. you basically control the engagements if you play it smart…

the f-100 is a good plane but dont turn fight with it, keep with tradition of boom and zoom.

F-3h is a solid plane once you have unlocks done and you get the aim-7’s.

Not a fan of the f8u-2 but f-8E is good.

I would research the strike line even though ( just my opinion ) the A-4B/Fj and f84 are not the best planes to play with and they made me want to throw my computer into a wood chipper then setting the remains on fire. the a-10’s and the a-7’s are good planes and good for cas. If they do put the f-15 stike eagle into the game there is a chance that it would be put in this line so always better to future proof yourself.

lol, someone calling the super sabre, skyhawk and demon “good” is one of the funniest things i’ve seen at this forum

They lack flares despite facing R-60, magics, 9J and all other kinds of hard-impossible to dodge missiles. The only good thing about them are the 20 mils, aim9b and e are quite useless for anything except killing bot-like base bombers and making flareless targets pull a few Gs. The super sabre and demon are very consistent mig21/a5c food because they are both slower and don’t have flares, if you launch a good missile in the rear aspect within 1-2.5km you are 100% expecting a kill (unless someone kills it faster lol). And as for the skyhawk… it has the flight performance of a 7.7-8.0 plane while facing mig15bis, mig19, t-2, etc.

Regarding the actual asked question, just play the starfighter or harrier, these are the only 2 decent planes at this tier for USA

F100, f8u, and a4e.

F100 and f8u for air battles and a4e for ground battles.

Don’t let people get on your tail and you win.

T-2 is what you get when F-5C doesn’t have flares.

Harriers, f2 sabre, crusaders. All of these are good but not easy to use without experience. A4E is also very good

f104 is probably the most forgiving but it’s very single-dimensional

F-104A is an AMAZING plane if you fly it correctly. Pretty much the only challenge will be the MiG-21 if they get in radar range.

Otherwise it’s unbeatable. I can do 1v5 effectively in it which I can’t do in any other plane. No one has your speed. Your guns are exceptionally powerful. The AIM-9s are good for two kills of you get in close. Otherwise use them defensively.

The plane can carry you through all of this rank.

Honestly I find this plane the most fun in the whole game. It’s just so ridiculous and awesome. Use your speed to your advantage. You can out turn any rear facing missile when you are at speed.

It’s pretty sweet.

I mean… That’s basically “Air RB 101”
Basic knowledge

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The Crusaders are great. Just be careful with wing rips on the earlier model. That one aside I think I’d skip every other plane at rank 6 lol.

Then onto F-8E and F-5E, and you’re basically golden as far as grinding goes with those two.

IMO only issue is MiG-21SMT/MF because they are fast as F-104s and has R-60s which is impossible to dodge if you don’t have flares and launched from close range.

R-3R is not that much of a problem if you fly on the deck.

I have no idea why 104A is still 9.3 :/

Because you can’t push it up without it facing aircraft it has no chance against.

Russia gets to keep R-27ERs we should keep the 104 at 9 😂