What is your reason behind 1 death leaving?

while economic changes can help solve the issue of one death leaving but they are not sufficient. Although repair fees are a key factor in causing 1dl, there are additional reasons behind it.
what is your reason?

  • I did 1 death leaving for some reason
  • I never did that

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  • High repair fee
  • no choice I only have one Premium
  • backup is so valuable I won’t waste it if I got nothing from the first spawn.
  • I got 0 points and dead it’s frustrating
  • no ai targets. if I’m unlucky in the first respawn which got 0 points I don’t want to waste time anymore (e.g. ai planes, lp, and bases in an air battle)
  • up tier game
  • The map I don’t like
  • others

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In my personal view, to eliminate 1DL, you need both eliminate the problem of can and will.
1 the premium shall have permanent multiple chances to respawn, limited backups won’t work since it is so valuable for players.
2 about the will, ground RB should have some ai target to make sure you play you get the point and rewards.
if you look into games, you will that when a player gets 800 points he is more likely to respawn.
3 repair fee is a key factor but it is getting better so far
4 sometimes when player know game is losing they wont respawn an I think this is the only one factor you cant fix.

it’s been good to see the economy change but 1DL won’t stop unless changing further. although there are some reasons we can’t fix such as full-up tier and large map driving especially for some games you know its already lost, but we can do something to reduce the rate of 1dl.

In my personal view, to eliminate the issue of 1DL, both the problems of “can” and “will” need to be addressed.
Firstly, premium players should have permanent multiple respawn chances, as limited backups are insufficient.
Secondly, in ground Realistic Battles, introducing AI targets can ensure that players receive points and rewards for their gameplay.
tbh, players who reach 500 points are more likely to respawn. while player who got 0 points always leaves after death.
While repair fees are a key factor, they have improved thus far.
One factor that cannot be fixed is the decision of players not to respawn when they believe the game is already lost.

While it’s positive to observe changes in the economy, further changes are necessary to truly combat 1DL. Although some factors like when players think they already lost are hard to dix, we can still take actions to reduce the occurrence of 1DL.

Moreover, 1DL can often trigger a domino effect. If 2-3 players leave the game because they have not achieved any kills or capture, the fourth player may feel bad and lose confidence in winning. Subsequently, more players tend to leave after their death.
To prevent 1DL, it is crucial to identify the underlying reasons and take action to prevent the initial 1-3 players from leaving.

Regarding penalties, they often prove ineffective. Restricting premium benefits would harm Gaijin’s sales, while implementing lock penalties may cause players to simply quit the game. SL penalties are ineffective as players can choose to stay AFK and contribute nothing until the end of the game.

Reasons to 1 death leave : I played ARB


In my case, one of the only and most reason i have 1+ death left, is because i constantly get called down stairs to do help with something. And then i come back to being dead, so i see it not worth to continue as i do not know where the enemies are, if we are losing or not and etc.

because I only want to use one specific tank

I play for as long as it takes to finish my BP tasks or use vehicle/s I brought in for tasks, whichever comes first.

After that… seeya!

When I do the 1dl, it’s only because I’m spawn killed and don’t want to give another free kill to those kind of players

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You forgot the ADHD option.

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Most of my 1-death-leave is because I play top and I don’t want to face overwhelming Russians, there’s no point fighting a bound-to-lose match.


Numerous reasons a player drops after one death besides the usual one tank wonder new meat types. I have my reasons and this is for arcade.

First spawn can make or break it, total clown show leaving spawn with the smoke kiddies or no driving fools tangling it up, or I get hit from across the map first thing games usually over, it’s going to be a loser.

I get a hint script kiddies are in house, I’m out and yes there’s lots using them.

Certain clans are out, I’m gone.

RNG is playing punk me games where every shot is a bouncer , gone.

There’s others, but I’m not playing to pad someones else stats at my expense.

I rarely play GRB, but the biggest issue is that i’ll just get sniped from somewhere accross map within seconds of the match starting. In that scenario, especially if its not a map i enjoy. i’ll leave. No point wasting my time respawning.

I’ve also left when it was clear the match was lost i.e half my team had already left

and finally if there was some kind of BS. such someone surviving multiple good hits, only to turn around and 1 shot me. In that scenario I just loose any motivation to play the game, not too mention respawn.

Within NRB, I may quit after my first death if the MM has screwed up and pitted mutliple BBs against light cruisers. in that situation. Respawning is just giving the other team free SLs.

I will sometimes quit a match once I see a phenomena I call the BS switch.

I am pretty sure you have all experienced this, you play as normal match after match racking up good kills/points, make top 3 win or lose. Then all of a sudden (without changing anything you are doing) the next game you enter, every shot bounces. When they do hit, they do no damage, or worse yet disappear.

Every enemy vehicle you get the drop on, you either bounce/miss/do no damage. And then the surprised enemy turns, tricks shots you and your vehicles explodes or catch’s fire instantly like it was filled with napalm and TNT.

That’s when I quit. It is almost as if there is an in-game mechanism that decides you are doing too well, so decides to secretly sabotage everything you do.

Only reason I 1DL is when I want to focus on researching the mods for a specific vehicle.

Or if I live long enough to realize my team left or we’ve already lost and are getting spawn camped.

Or we’re winning so hard my team is already spawn camping the enemy team.

I’ll always spawn a plane or heli if I can though.

Yep, agreed there. Not just GRB, had this with everything. Sometimes, the game feels like a roll of a dice. That is beyond your control.

Not sometimes, it’s always. Most times win or lose relys heavily on the nation of the 2 sides. i.e. You can hardly win a 5.7 match with German and Russia as your enemy.

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usually because I ended up with the wrong air craft selection for an EC match, or my brats are screaming for their turn on the computer, more often than not

I tend to leave games that I join late. Also, uptiered. I’m literally 1.0BR uptiered in 90% of my games, so I don’t get to play a lot lately.

You know that there is an Option to disable the joining late in Battle? (Options-Main Parameters-Common Battle Settings-Join already active battle set to NO)

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I only do this in Top Tier. Low and mid tier is where the fun is at and its soft on repairs.
Top tier you don’t make SL as often without premium, but lose around -1k to around -15k SL or greater depending how many vehicles you used and how unlucky you get. Example if I want to try to win, I use all available vehicles like the Type 10, get enough SP for jet, use F-16 AJ for CAS. If taken down, I use SAM or another MBT or light vehicle, if I die, I use a back up. Regardless how well I played, the Repair cost and ammo refills will always take away from my earnings. If got destroyed in 3 to 4 vehicles, that’s around -25k or more taken from my rewards, and if I earned 25k or 40k SL in total, I’m left with -2k+ or profit 5k SL to keep. There are games I get lucky and die once, I earn in total maybe 40k SL and keep 33k since repairs is for 1 vehicle while carrying a game with the 2nd vehicle without death. But, that’s just 1 in 7 games maybe. With premium account, if I earn 65k, die a bunch of times, I’d still make profit but either 2k or 5k. Here’s an example.

These images are today’s matches with premium only.
If I didn’t have premium, total would probably be in the -20k to -30k range maybe. So my best bet without premium/boosters is if I die without any points, not worth trying. Just bad luck from there. For sure will lose more SL than anything. Premium saved my SL that match and I tried hard to win.

Here is my 1 death and carrying a game looks like. The 1 in many games. Again, I’m premium so rewards are greater.

Anyways, wished I saw this post before I gotten premium so I can share more accurate images of what I’m talking about. Maybe after my 7 day premium ends I’ll come back and share again. For now this is my main reason for 1 death leaving. Another is with something dumb happens with ghost shell, stuck, flipped, died seconds after spawning when the game just started cuz map design etc…But mostly SL.

EDIT: The economical changes did help lessen the SL lose, the loses were 100% much worse before the changes. Especially when some vehicles repair cost used to be in the 20k’s+ range . Top tier is still expensive to play and your still kind of forced to get premium to reduce the punishment if lose or do badly.