What is your favourite line up for Great Britain GRB 6-7 BR?

What is your chosen line up for the UK in GRB? Can include CAS or Not.

I’m a considering moving in that area and have little clue to be honest.I’m not worried how many spaces you have or suggest.

Black Prince (If you have it), FV4005, Centurions Mk.1 and 2, Charioteer, M109A1, Crusader AA Mk I, Skink, Ratel 90 and 20, G6 Rhino, Eland 90, Sea Fury, Spitfire Mk 24, Tempest Mk II, Lancaster B Mk III.
In a lineup I would go Tempest, FV4005, Centurion Mk 1, Spit 24, Skink but I play all of them regularly and love them. It’s all about placement.

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