What is up with the spam of these HORRIBLE "offers"?

Skipping and laughing at these has been my daily routine for a week atleast.
Does gaijin actually think anyone is gullible enough to buy these? And why they are now constantly spammed?


What do you mean horrible, I would love this offer.


that one too?


I would like the option so I don’t have to be insulted by Gaijin with these when I log in.


Nah this one isnt. Do you have more for evaluation?

Honestly they would be good if they just removed the boosters, aint no way in hell im paying 50GE + for a 75% booster.


It’s a predatory business practice. That’s it. Interestingly, I haven’t gotten any of them.


It’s just a marketing tool, to try and generate revenue. Almost every business on the planet will do some sort of marketing of this nature, and repeat customers keep most businesses a float. It is almost certainly done in some random algorithm fashion that “aims” these deals at a certain portion of the player/customer base. It’s really nothing to get overly excited about, perhaps you are what they consider a “valued customer”, who knows. At any rate, if you don’t like or are not interested in an offer you get, just ignore it and hope for something better next time. And it is not predatory, it’s just how things are done in many parts of the business world, internationally. The 5% discount for premium vehicles is a fair example, you can choose to be “insulted” or just let it go, at some point Gaijin may decide the results from such offers are not very good and make better offers, maybe. But you may as well get used to them, because in the near future, Ai will take over such things and lord knows how that’s going to go(not very well I am guessing, at least at first). I can’t even manage my “news feed” from a certain provider or the movie platforms I use . . . I don’t see how they could get worse . . . time will tell. But I don’t see any reason to get upset about it. C’est la Vie

I have literally only ever seen one of these, you’re seeing it because you keep spending money and you should stop

It’s pretty terrible value. The main meat of the offer is the premium tank, obviously, but compared to it’s standard price, it’s about 150 GE cheaper. That’s a 2% discount.

You also get boosters, which are nice, but in no way worth as much as Gaijin in claiming. Assuming it’s the same boosters as in the item shop (+75% for 10 games), it sounds good, but keep in mind it’s around the same price as 20 days of premium, which gives you +100% RP (And SL, and misc perks) for 20 days, instead of 30 games (Presumably in chunks of 10 games every day, as they do expire).

The only other thing you get is a decent chunk of SL, but it’s at the current, absurdly expensive GE to SL conversion rate. 600,000 SL is in no way worth almost 2,000 GE, and it’s not much better at 1,260 instead. Not to mention, you’re getting a mid tier premium tank here, generating SL is a good part of what it does. Why pay (a lot) extra to get something you’re going to be getting for free as part of the main prize?

Basically, these bundles take a premium tank with some value, discount it by a marginal amount (30%), then add in a bunch of vastly overvalued extras to ensure that the overall price is basically back up to whatever that premium tank cost in the first place.

Look at it this way, it’s offering you the M47 at market price, except it’s also adding in a couple boosters and a chunk of SL as well. Is that a good deal?

Yeah I agree boosters and wagers waste of space!

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I got quite a few of these already.

If they’d offer just the vehicle for 40 or 50% off I might be tempted, but the boosters are too expensive, let alone SL for GE… I sit on quite a lot SL already, I certainly don’t want to spend GE on SL…

Definetly needs a toggle option a “dont show on start-up”

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1000 GE for 3 75% RP BOOSTERS? that’s the best deal I’ve seen in my life!




Per my reply in the other thread, I’d consider buying the offered vehicles if they removed the boosters and SL, which are of no use to me.

Then again, if I really wanted the vehicles, I’d just wait for the 50% sale

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I would buy it but I already got the tank


Next stop → unskippable 30s premium pack vehicle ads after each battle xD


Literally didn’t spend any money on War Thunder for the past 4 months and I’m still receiving these offers. Spending money on the game has nothing to do with getting these offers, it’s there for marketing, making you feel like you’d need to purchase said offer before it’s over.

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I have this m47 and it is a very good, I have climbed half a German TT with it. I bought it at half the price.

People cry about everything. It is awesome.

Solution: don’t want it? Don’t buy it. Easy

Dude the problem here isn’t said premium tank…

It’s those ridiculously expensive boosters and SL gaijin throws in the bundle and pretends it’s some amazing offer.

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