What is up with the spam of these HORRIBLE "offers"?

I reiterate. Don’t buy it… what’s the problem ?

They use aggressive advertising ? Report them to consumer affairs in your country.

Or with no “Close” button and everywhere you click will confirm the purchase. No refund!

It wouldn’t bother me if it was on the side as for every other event, if I’m interested I would check it, but the entire screen? There is no way to ignore it.

They seem very deceptive offers to me.

(btw, this isn’t directed towards you Lt_PeteMitchell, just you had a screenshot I can use for example)

From your post:

So, normally 1500 GE gets you 500,000 SL … but you get a discount to 1050 GE … sounds good right?

But if I go in to the purchase Silver Lions screen, 1500 GE gets 630,000 SL… an every day “offer” in the game:


I don’t get why they just don’t offer the vehicle on a discount, plenty of people might be tempted by it, yet they throw in a bunch of garbage as if it’s stuff they need to get rid off because it’s about to expire, ending up with a price that’s double of the vehicle on offer.


It’s weird. It’s not impeding my play, and hitting escape closes the offer so it doesn’t even slow down me getting into matches.
I don’t get it, but middle class gamers exist…

Horrible? Everything together for less then the m48 normally is by itself. If the m48 is a tank you’d like how is that a bad deal?

It’s hardly a discount at that point, it’s just full price for the vehicle + trash you didn’t want in the first place.
And most these offers end up being a lot more than the vehicle price, sometimes more than double.


It’s 200 less for the vehicle plus the booster and SL for free. However you cut it its a win if you want the tank

It really just be an extra keypress of escape when it shows up to get into hangar.

People don’t want to buy a booster, people don’t want to buy SL, if you weren’t buying the M47 at full price to begin with, you still won’t buy it now, it’s objectively a bad deal.

An extra key press that wouldn’t be needed if they didn’t offer you garbage.

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This is a rediculous argument. The people who don’t want the tank aren’t going to buy it full price or discounted. For the people getting this offer they get the tank if they want it for 200SL less plus bonuses on the side. Your paying less for the tank And the added extras. It’s a win

The extras are poor value and just negate the discount, so it’s a full price tank or a full price tank, presenting it to the player as some sort of super duper special personal offer with added FOMO is just gross.

No matter how you cut it, it’s not full price it’s 200GE cheaper. Stop making things up. It’s a discount even if you didn’t get the extras

And I’m sure companies love consumers like you, go buy it.

What? I don’t even want the tank. But complaining about a discount that is 200GE less then the normal price not even including the extras is rediculous. If I said buy this new $30000 car for 29000 we’ll throw in another 1000 worth of fuel and cover on road fees you’d complain about that too? So much entitlement. This isn’t making a mountain out of a mole hill it’s making a mountain out of a depression.

Those features would be actually useful, instead I’m selling you something at a 50% discount but you also have to buy random overpriced crap you don’t want that adds up to be more than the discount, great offer.

Your still getting the whole pack for 200 less then the tank. You aren’t paying a cent extra for the extras in a literal sense. What they say the boosters are worth in this case doesn’t matter. Your getting everything for less then the tank is normally. Just looking to complain about something

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You’re getting the whole 8.200 GE pack for 8.050 GE, a $1 dollar saving on $45 pack.

Super duper personal time limited offer!!

No one is saying it’s not a crappy deal, but if you get one euro off it’s technically a price reduction.

On the other hand that you are surprised by this company at this point is striking.

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