What is up with my BR!?!?

why does my Mig 15bis (8.7 BR) keep getting put up against rank 6 and 7 jet?!?!?!

Because due to the popularity of certain BRs you get pulled into 9.7 a lot

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popularity of certain BRS??

Yes 9.0-9.7 are pretty popular 7.7-8.3 not as much so you will see a lot more matches ranging from 8.7 to 9.7 than 7.7 to 8.7. Also rank doesnt really mean a lot because things can be whatever rank they like to be but BR is important. There are a few rank VI jets with a lower BR than the MiG-15bis


i swear that i saw more than 1 11.0 BR jets in a game

Send a link to thereplay otherwise it’s hard to believe you. Maybe you’ve mixed something ub like a J-7II (9.3) with a J-7E (11.0) or something along those lines

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This is the most common explanation for mad BR gaps, genuine panicky misidentification.

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no the mig 15bis in the highest BR jet that i just got and the 11.0 jet i saw is a mig 21

Played 35k matches over the last 10 years and I never saw a BR I shouldnt face.
The lowest BR MiG-21 (the F-13 is 9.3) and much less capable than the 10.3 or 11.0 ones


Unless you are talking Arcadr battles. In that case the MiG-15bis and MiG-21F-13 share the same BR

nah, air realistic battle

So it was just a 9.3 match with a MiG-21F-13 or MiG-21 PFM or 9.7 with a MiG-21S. Nothing out of the ordinary


I saw a KV1 zis 5 at 3.3. It’s getting crazy!

Sometimes you can see german MiG-23BN, which is 9.7. Easy to confuse with figter version of MiG-23 or MiG-27 if you unfamiliar with planes.

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He could have seen a Milan or maybe F-4C or some J-7II or maybe Mig 21

ZiS 5 is BR 4.3 in RB or 4.7 in AB.
AB: Screenshot or didnΒ΄t happen.
RB: 3.3 +1.0 is 4.3 βœ“

MiG-15bis is 8.7
Max you can face is 9.7
Lowest you can face is 7.7

There are no option to face aircraft on rank 11.0

Mig 21 F-13 is 9.3


i saw a Puma at 3.0 the other day. literally unplayable

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True! But then again I saw an M3A3 in a match with my 1.7 lineup. Dunno what these devs are smoking sometimes

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