What is the worst stock grind

I am currently grinding Russia 8.0 in ground and I have to say the stock grind is horrible. I am researching the T54 series but the stock shells for the 100mm D10T are bad. You have to get to module level 3 before you get a good shell. Also the T54 1947 has nearly twice the RP cost of the other T54s.

Grinding the T44s was really hard. The first T44 has no business being 6.7. It has the same 85mm gun as the T34 with the best shell only having 160mm pen at 500m. The T44

6.7 to 8.0 seems to a particularly tiresome grind. The centurions for the British only get a 180mm pen solid shot, the USA also gets just a solid AP round for the M46 and M48

What do you think is the vehicle with the worst stock grind?



Not the absolute worst but the PTL02 is unbelievably annoying

Worst until now for me was the german M48A2 C because this thing is so slow when stock. Your teams die faster then you can leave the spawn area. But it is not a bad tank, sure there are better tanks, but with bad teams you are the cherry on the cake for enemies that are rolling through your team.
Sidenote … My journey through the german ranks came to an hold at 7.7 because of I felt like I lack knowledge to fight properly at this level.

Basically anything with stock apcr. Stock heatfs is a pain in top but I think that the stock apcr is awful. Worst of those was probably the pt76 for me. That apcr would bounce on anything that wasnt flat and did almost no damage.

Lol, or just any french tank which only advantage is mobility.

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*Entirety of france

There we go fixed it for you


I found the French tanks easy to use than the Russians. The French have a really good 7.7 lineup.

M48 with APCR, nothing come close

Worst stock grind for me has to be Bulldog or pt-76. Think bulldog were worse than that PT by a lot!

Even once spaded it is the same, however 🀣

All AP throwers that have to unlock completely defunct shells to get to top/the only shell you will ever take.

ANY APCR stock (so already mentioned by others plus a few more like it).

C1 Ariete πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Sure but that’s it lol. The only good ones are the ones with fast reload compensating for the lack of everything else.

I liked the Bulldog. The grind was easier for me because I got lucky with good scout maps and teams that where able to shot scouted targets. The PT was indeed … bad.

PT-76, little pen APCR without any damage, slow turret rotation speed, no stab, speed is on level of medium tanks while your armour cant take .50 cal at some angles.

Any variation of the PT-76. Gosh darn it I hate that thing.

ant top rank tank with heatfs and play vs t-80bvm

I heard one of them doesn’t even have the stabilizer, which makes it 2x worse.

F4J(USA).Stock grind was completely unbearable in F4J.Facing Mig-29s and F-16s in stock F4J is absolutely painful.

Who remembers the Bf109 K-4 stock grind from back in the day? That was a rough one.