What is the time limit for self-destruction in HEI-T* (Minengeschoß self-destruction munitions of the 30mm MK 108 cannon)?

I need this information to elaborate a tatic for BF 109 F, G and K, (and any plane with auto destruction shell using mark 108 or 103 30mm cannon). PLS REPLY RSVP.

You mean historically or in-game?

I think they are proximity fuse. I always saw bullets from Me 262 are exploding near me regardless of shooter’s distance to me.

In game but, historical is a extra knowledge.

Maybe the enemy shoted in u plane from the rigth distance and the auto destruct system exploded close u. Like flak 88 auto destruction shell hiting Boeing B 17 in WW2.

In-game I didn’t notice the shells exploding.
In RL they will not explode earlier than 2.5s and not later than 7.5s.
Basically the self-destruct mechanism is active after 2.5s and then it depends on the amount of friction how fast the mechanism will trigger.
This corresponds to a range of at least 1000m.

Thanks! This information is the same to 20mm ammo?

No, appart that not all shells have sd and are also without sd available and used, the Mg FF/M has available 1100m Sd, which is even in game for the I-T round (tho i think in game they explode too early)

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