What is the reason for the N1K1-Ja and Ki-84 ko having the same br?

Like, I just unlocked the N1K1 and it is worst in every single way than the Ki-84. It is slower, less agile, turns slower and rolls slower. The ki-84 feels so much nicer to fly, while the Shinden feels like a brick. I didn’t even notice it had 4 20mm guns, I always feelt like it hs only two like the Hayate.
So what makes it 5.3 worthy?
I had high hopes after watching gajins video on the N1K-s, but it is such a letdown. I’m worryd what the 6.0 one are.

barely played planes with no statistics is the answer

We have WW2 props at 7.7 and WW2 jets at 8.7, there is no logic in this game because Gaijin is not competent and cannot deal with statistics despite balancing the entire game around it…

Then why gajin dont’t see it thaat it is not played becouse it os not good? I hate that they only use statistics for balancing

They used to be awesome, so Gaijin nerfed the flight model and increased the BR.

Now no one flies them and they sit rusting in everyone’s hanger.