What is the point of CAP

There are a lot of posts about CAS but please explain me what is the point of spawning a fighter 1800m behind a bomber??

Please also take under consideration that 80% the guy will go and crash to get back to his tank.

So by playing a fighter you
1.become a stationary target
2.do nothing - not even points since the guy will crash or J out.

On the other hand a no skill move will give points for crashing?

You get free kills on enemy aircraft and you can simply strafe ground targets

of coarse this is not the point of CAP.

And you get kills when they dont crash or J out, I usully get more kills from the 50cal on the US tanks

The point of CAP is to stop enemy CAS… It’s best when you play against US or Germany in my opinion. They generally put up the most planes at Mid-Tiers. For lower ones I’d also throw in USSR.

Anyways back to the point of why you should spawn CAP.

  1. Most enemy planes will have bombs or other ordinance on them, so they are slower and less maneuverable. On top of that they prioritize attacking ground targets over taking out other aircraft.

  2. For the enemy crashing before you can kill them, all I can say is that’s a 2 way skill issue. Both for you and them. If you can’t bomb someone without crashing then whoever crashed bombing needs to work on their bombing skills. If you can’t intercept them, then you need to work on interception skills. If they crash, and you just spawned then don’t take it too hard. You couldn’t have made it to the battlefield to kill them before they crashed and that’s more of a kill skill issue from them.

Also when you say that when you say that spawning a makes you a stationary target, I have to REALLY disagree with you. It’s so easy to outmaneuver anyone with CAP plane in most fighters.

Ju 87 is the really one of the only CAS aircrafts where I can understand not bothering with RTBing and ,instead, go for the bomb kill before crashing.

Attack range is 700m…sometimes you spawn a little above that and get an easy kill.
I assume the game has some RNG, so CAP can have it easier or harder.
ALSO…sometimes there is a CAP fighter closer…and you are the “wingman”…

That said…on some days the system seems to favor the bomber…others the fighter…not sure if being adjusted…

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Are you talking about Arcade battles?


I can’t read… Sorry

No worries – done it myself (on several occasions… ugh) :)

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I generally do it to then J-out and feed more aircraft to my Bkan lmfao

  1. The post is under arcade battles/ground so yes.

Exaclly and this is the problem,RNG !!
Sometimes you can’t even catch the bomber/attacker at all even if they don’t crash.

Also while undertandable J out is so lame m8, even if the favorite move is when bomber spawn behind their spawn, 1 sec after you bomb and J out, tik tak tok 3-4 kills, ohhh look I have another invisible /ghost bomber.

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The point is to try rig the match outcome through rigging the odds of whatever possible. Put players that are supposed to win for their daily/event/seasonal/challenge tasks on the losing side. It doesn’t need to be sure loss, but tweaking the odds against, making it more challenging, means that by average players playing the game while doing daily tasks will spend more time to complete them and it gets addictive, the more time you’re in the game, the bigger window you’re okay with for playing daily will be.

In arcade because you have markers and bomb drop reticle and arcade’y plane flight mechanics, it would be too hard to rig this so much as this way, it would be too commonly visible on the captured videos to show that something’s wrong. In realistic lack of those supporting reticles, lead marker on the planes unless you have radar etc makes it so that there’s the way to tinker around with chances.

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CAP’s mission is supporting America’s communities with emergency response, diverse aviation and ground services, youth development and promotion of air, space and cyber power through aerospace education.

Now CAS.

In military tactics, CAS is defined as air action, such as air strikes, by fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft against hostile targets in proximity to friendly forces and has played a critical role in recent military operations. Providing CAS to joint forces remains a crucial mission in the context of joint operations.

Please double check your post before posting.

CAP is the correct term for what they are referring to.


Even if you were right, what was your contribution in this convertation by posting this?

True and this is why every “win” task is to be changed immtiattly ;-)

But back to the point, at the very list CAS needs to have some rules, like when they made fighters not seeing targets on Ground and we finally started playing light tanks again.

I was trying to get someone to join cap lmao it’s kinda what I have to do as a recruiter