What is the point of CAP

I’ve mentioned that a lot, as everyone who hates CAS says SPAA is worthless and pointless, unable to be aimed and all the reasons under the sun as to why it can’t be done.

Yet few of us have said commonly that isn’t the case, to be shouted down on by those who dislike CAS.

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The problem is not SPAA, the problem is people abuse planes in arcade and the game is encuraging the behavior because we are at a point “were only kills matters”

The only good step they took is removed the ability from fighters to see ground targets and crash on them, now we are using light tanks and its again fun and fair(almost).

At the moment you are getting a fighter to kill a bomber and you have 50% to spawn 1300m away thus being completly inefective, plus you have a very high possibily to get bombed.

Honestly I do take fighters a good chunk and find them fairly effective- I generally down the bomber and maybe a guarding fighter.

The only thing I want changed about CAS is tiny tims simply being removed, its fine otherwise.

You kill the bombers before they drop their bombs? how??

I don’t mean when you spawn like 600~800m but further away there is no chance,especially if they dive or noobikazi.

Dump energy to get speed by diving and saw their wing off, then circle back for the fighters.

They generally do get some bomb drops off, but I force them to dive below bomb fuze level and make their drops very hastily so they rarely get kills.

The problem is not enough people use SPAA to make the difference needed.

It’s just a personal “F you” to people who start airbattles I guess.

This is only possible if
a)you spawn relativly close so 50-50 %
b)the enemy fighter is far away or a bit noob
c)the bombers entry point in the map, many times you spawn behind enemies spawning point so all the above are meanigless - 100% you will get bombed.

D) by the way if you spawn in fighter I will first bomb you as I know you will not move :-)

This is true but there are BRs that they are trully ineffective against the tactics in Arcade.
Also I don’t undertand why killing planes is giving so low in RP and SL gains

Need more SPAA to be suggested and implemented to be real. There needs to be more, and even options to spawn ‘more’, like the reserve 2 times spawn or something.

Same with the rewards… Whilst they do give a bit, they don’t give enough, and the majority of the payout is merely knowing you protected the team, and saved some players.

true, SPAAG needs to get more player/reward friendly but at the same time they need to do something about this stupid kamikazi bombing.

I was playing 8br earlier today and we got steam rolled, by bombers, I shot down 2 but they were still getting kills. It doesnt matter if you have them on fire they just drop and crash.

Yea, I’ve also mentioned in various stages about that kill credit should be given to whoever had a shot closest to them on thier approach, and if it’s not a ground SPAA, it should be credited to the nearest air unit.

It’s such a waste for peopel to lawndart, but there are genuine mistakes and errors under pressure.

Much of them are lawndarts though… Which does suck.

Lawndarting can actually have some purpose as cover for allies (Yes I have done this, its funny as shit), but 99% of the time it isnt even effective to lawndart bomb.

I do understand lawndarting when out of ammo, especially on an SPAA or open-top.

That’s not quite lawndarting though… Lawndarting is the act of just going direct, bombs armed, for the nearest at the first run.

Going about and using your ammo, and finishing off on a vehicle such as the open top isn’t as much the same, and it’s not as infuriating as the waste in the other scenario.


Though I will say- if they lawndart and kill with kenetic energy they can do whatever tf they want lmao

There should be a reward for actually not firing a shot and actually getting someone in that manner… ;)

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Haven’t they disabled crash damage like a year ago?

yeah I dont think it can kill anymore

If you put the engine directly into things it can cause damage. You just have to be really accurate with it now.

I think it was entirely disabled at some stage, but it came back, just REEEALLLLY gotta get it ‘in there’.

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To herd everyone into a close quarters knife fight to decrease the game time and make sure the queue times are short. Gaijin all hail the queue time !!