What is it with the YAH-64?

The YAH-64, the prototype Apache. Forever scourged by 16 hellfire Bs and no countermeasures. Well, they’re putting it to 11.0 for some reason.

Here’s a summary of its competitors at 11.0:


AH-64DJP (11.0)

  • Hellfire K upgrade
  • Countermeasures
  • Wingtip ATAS
  • Radar
  • No discernable downsides over the YAH-64

KA-50 (11.0)

  • 12x Vikhrs, dramatically more reliable but lower count munitions.
  • No thermals
  • MAWS countermeasures and warning system combination
  • Can carry AA, but sacrifices half its missile load.
  • Can fit rockets and bombs on inboard pylons as well

MI-28N (11.0)
*16x ATAKAs, mixed bag of differences.

  • No thermals
  • Standard flares/Chaff
  • Can fit rockets on inboard pylon as well

So, how come the objectively inferior aircraft is being moved up in BR, when it is already comically unprepared for the 10.7 experience? Am I missing something?

I have no idea. Maybe it’s just me, but the Apache A feels useless compared to the Ka-50 in my opinion.

I don’t like the feel of Hellfires and I always have horrible luck with them. I don’t have those issues with the Ka-50.

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YAH64 vs AH64A (GR) Loadout difference, a 0.3 br difference is huge apparently

It was too op in downtier

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B vs K barely matters
28N has Thermals
YAH has Laser Warning, DJP does not
What’s with rockets on inboard pylons?

yes your forgetting where game made

People here should be asking and demanding gjn to model hellfires and other such missiles properly (aka giving them trajectory programmability). Yet here every assblasted USA main insists on crying about RU helictoper instead

I dumped 400k squadron RP into it so Gaijin decided it was time to fuck me over. Haven’t even unlocked the Hellfires yet.

Anyway, does moving it from 10.7 to 11.0 change anything line-up wise?
Does USA have any GRB line up at 10.7?

Not really, US has a 10.3 and an 11.3 lineup