What is happening with Gaijin?

this issue has been opened more than 2 week and there was NO comment from gaijin team, NO response from gaijin?

link: Community Bug Reporting System

wtf gaijin? are you abandoning your customer? if it’s not a bug or you guy need more time at least reply it,…

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2 weeks is not very long, not knowing the team size and the number of reports to be handled.

One of my topic was answered like 2 months later and fixed 2.5 years later, so you need to wait. Progress comes with the time.

Some time ago, I reported an issue with Phantoms that wasn’t working. I still haven’t received a response for my report. However, when another person reported the same issue several days later, Gaijin responded within one day and fixed the problem the next day.

That’s just the norm, most bug reports don’t get addressed.