What is everyone's record for most kills in a ground rb and air rb match

My record for ground is 28 kills and 5 caps for some reason with the celere sahariano. I dont have an air record because I dont play much aircraft.

My grb record is 22 kills and 12 assists with the AS-42
For air it remains 10 kills with the J-35A

14 kills 9 assist 1 death

PBV-501 was a chad that match and got me a nuke :D

I would have killed more, but our tickets were bleeding, and I got a nuke, so ofc I’m gonna drop it.

I think my max capture was 7.

In a multiple death and full lineup match, probably like 17-19 kills, 12 assists, just depends, I don’t usually focus my stats other than score in a match :P

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24 kills 8.3 Britain

I’ve got 13 kills twice, both achieved in the M4A5. I always run out of time to get more kills, or by then the enemy team is all dead.

7 kills and 1 assist in arb using the mig19s without landing
14 kills 7 assists 3 caps with my 10.3 german lineup grb
Most kill i ever gotten was with the M56 with 8 kills, 12 assists (scouting mostly) and maybe some caps but i forgor

17 kills with the SAV.20.12.48

21 kills in GRB with the german 5.7 lineup (now at 6.0). For ARB, it’s this:

9 Kills with the F4C Phantom what a moment that was for me. I can remember getting my first ever nuke with 14 kills mostly with the VBC and the Centauro helped a bit. The best thing is I got my second nuke the same day with the Rooikat Mk1

think it was 17 in GRB, dont remember the lineup but I think it was rank 1.

highest in ARB was 7 kills which I got in both one of the J2Ms (dont remember which) and once with the F-1.

had a couple 8-9 air kill games in GRB with some of the Zeros too.

definitely not the biggest numbers compared to other people lol

Thats cool. My other highest kill game was with the KV-1E but that thing is scummy and op so it doesn’t count

(All of my super high kill games are seal clubbing noobs I’m ashamed to say)

19 kills playing 9.7 Germany and ive done that twice

For air ive gotten 8 kills in the Ariete, F15 and maybe the F5C but i dont remember

I think the most I’ve gotten killed in a match is 6. Oh, you meant how many other people’s games have I ruined?

Screenshot 2023-03-19 024733

Best in Air RB was 8 Kills with the H81A2 (no rearm at AF)
And for ground this

Iam guilty of Sealclubbing there during a Summer/Winterevent with all the german Dakka power i had at 2.0 BR.

my GRB record was 17 kills and 6 assists with the M1 Abrams rank 10.3 got put into a 11.0 GRB :(
air record was not kills but most points was 5k or might have been 6k with the F-105D when it used to have flares