What information about Sim do you wish was Available


Hi, To preface this, I want to hear from the community as to a few different things.

  1. When you first started sim, where did you go to get the information you needed to learn, Videos? Warthunder Forums? Warthunder Wiki? Etc.

  2. What information about Sim do you feel is lacking, Specific areas of sim you think that needs to be more talked about or readily available to players. Tips, Tutorials, Information about specific topics and if so what, Etc.

  3. If you were a new player, what is some information you wish you had known going into sim.

  4. Finally, what format do you think that most players would like the information presented as, Longform Written, Short form Written, Video’s, Etc.

And additionally any information that you’d like to provide as to specifically how the information side of sim could benefit would be greatly appreciated



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Are you emplyoed by Gajijn or a content creator looking for someone else do their research?

SIM needs a good control layout and a playable tutorial where the differences to RB are explained by some kind of instructor.
Especially the rudder at takeoff seems to be the biggest “you shall not pass” thing for new players.

I think many try it, crash 3 times and go back to RB.

An in-game link to a good YouTube tutorial would also be nice.

Takeoff and view are the biggest hurdles.

Kills in Sim are so much more satisfying. When you taste this sweet fruit, you can’t go back to RB 😂


I just watched the live stream with Mike Goes Boom and Michael Jackson. both talked about AB and RB. Sim obviously doesn’t exist at all. I don’t remember it being mentioned. Sometimes I feel like Gaijin doesn’t want anyone to play Sim at all?! But because there are people who want that, I think start-help is very important.


As a console player unfortunately war thunder is the only sim experience we can get. However if they (someday) cancel sim mode, I hope it will be not before 2025, because I still need a (sim)game until GTA6 releases :)

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I mean Microsoft made FS2020 and is now dropping them like they’re Madden games but there’s no combat simulator on consoles that I know of.

Sim needs tutorials, for sure.

Something explaining the available objectives, and how they contribute to after battle results.

A lot of new players fly around blind not realizing that objectives create points of action. I commonly see in chat, “Where is everybody at?”