What if we switched back to WW2 stuff for some time?

Top tier is getting REALLY stale, active radar missiles aren’t gonna change much, what if we just went back to early and mid ww2? And add some new foldered vehicles? Let me give you an example
This is an T-34-76 mod.1943 late, main difference from the the mod 1942 (and 1943 we got on the Chinese tech tree) is the cupola and the simplified turret design, it doesn’t have those sharp edges on the back (it literally is the turret on the German t-34…)

And if you want to make some money with you have the Soviet KV-8
Basically a KV-1 with a 45mm cannon instead of the 76 and it has a flamethrower (duh) if done right it will sell really well.

The freeahboos could get the M4A6 Sherman as premium as well

And also the T-70M, which is basically a upgraded hull of the original T-70, would have a similar performance to the T-80 but without the 3rd crew member.

Also here is a list of variants of the M4A3 75 Shermans that could make some new vehicles for folders

There is just so many options for some fresh stuff that could add to those low to mid tier matchmaking,

And I’m not even gonna start on aircraft variants because they will take FOREVER, anyway what do you all think about this?


I’d love for more WW2 not only are the “Majors” (I hate that term for personal reasons) missing a bunch and there nations without homes have whole families missing from the game(sometimes the families alone could backbone their own trees(that’s how much is missing)).

TLDR: yes please more WW2.

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We do already get WWII stuff every patch (plus events/BP/etc), but seeing as that’s personally all I actually play I’ll always be in favour of more of them. :)

I agree. Constant top tier is just plain boring. Seeing whatever new shiny nonsense they add each patch is categorically mind-numbing. It would actually be exciting if they just focused on other areas of the game a little more in addition to that.


It’s worse than the current variants of 1942 and 1943 T-34s that we have in-game due to this cupola, and what hexagonal turret has “sharp edges on the back”?

The turret of the German T-34 is entirely different from that of the late production 1943E.

Hell, historical German T-34s typically had german-made cupolas placed where there was no cupola previously.


I would love to see more new WW2/early cold war tanks.

I’m all for more early/mid tier additions, but these are terrible suggestions. The majority are minor visual changes to existing vehicles, they would play identically and offer no gameplay variety (or really any reason to grind them outside just getting backups for the existing ones).

The KV-8 is the exception, with it being effectively impossible to balance. I cannot think of a BR it could sit at where the 45mm would be usable but the armor wouldn’t render it effectively unkillable.

If we’re going to devote development time and effort into low tier additions, I would prefer if said additions would be worth playing without breaking the game. Stuff like the Luchs (Especially the planned 5cm variant), Ke-Ho, 44M Tas and P.43 for Italy to give them some midtier armor, etc.

I know these are are all prototypes, but the value they add to their lines is reason enough to add them, IMO.

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In short, yes. There are so many missing WW2 and Cold War vehicles. But we unfortunately probably won’t get them soon, because modern vehicles are hype, and Gaijin makes their money off selling premiums on the wake of a hype update trailer.

3.0, it’s very similar to the Churchill 1, albeit with lower firepower.

So this is how the turret on the T-34 mod.1942 looks like from the side
The sharp edges I mean are when the front side of the hexagon meet the back ones, they are separate, the German one is just the simplified version that doesn’t have that thing
Yeah it would be “worse” than the other tech tree ones but it would make it interesting

Yeah these are some bad ones but those are all I could think about, I just really like simplified variants lol

No part of any year of the T-34’s hexagonal turret has a separate side plate. It is one continuous piece of pressed steel.

How would it make things “interesting”? The only way a worse variant of a vehicle in the tree is better is when there are gaps that must be filled, or for variety… This does not offer either.

There are 7 T-34 variants in a row. There are 3 premium T-34s, as well as the Chinese variants.
There is no need for a tree filler.

Ehhh true, well I just like T-34/76s I guess

And the look of the side profile of the tank as well

That isn’t the side profile of a 1943 T-34/76 “late”, that’s a late-1942 Chelyabinsk T-34 that was produced as a 1-off “crude” style due to the order to produce T-34s and KV-1s without a factory expansion.

They stopped producing these crude turrets in November.

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Interesting, good to know

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The one in game has too, its from a Pz II.

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I just want my Lvkv m/43s… the lvkv 42 is mid

I want this the most:

All my suggestions are cool mid tier stuff, I want them all to be implemented some day (preferably before life gets in the way of gaming)

I’d actually be in favor of WW1. Especially air combat.


I’d like to see a researchable M8 Greyhound. It seems like an injustice to lock such a mass produced vehicle behind a paywall in US TT, and yet give it as a free reserve vehicle in China TT.

A solution would be to add M8E1 Greyhound, a prototype with new suspension system, or simply add a late production M8 in a different configuration such as in the picture here (featuring .50 cal ring on turret)

M8E1 Greyhound