T-34E plant no.112 (gorky): T-34e STZ with stronger turret!

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My first ever suggestion !

This is a suggestion for the T-34E Gorky.


During the great patriotic war, the soviet army’s T-34 saw widespread use in the front lines. As time went by, the T-34’s armour started to be inadequate , so the 3 main manufacters of T-34’s (STZ, Plant no.112(Gorky), Plant no.183) came up with their own up armouring solutions. STZ up-armoured the upper plate with an addition of welding 15mm plates over the hull on the UFP. Plant no.183 built 2 prototypes with all round spaced armour of 13-15 mm of armour. Plant no.112 (Gorky) up-armoured their vehicles upper front plate similar to what the STZ did, but addition to that , they also up-armoured the most parts of the turret with 15mm plates. Around a hundred or less T-34E Gorky’s were produced.

About the tank:

The T-34E Gorky is a T-34(1941) in the inside (same turret and everything) but with added on 15mm aplique armour in parts of the turret and the hull UFP. The tank is like the T-34E STZ but with more armour in the turret. The problem of the T-34e STZ is the hull is very strong but the turret is very weak. People most of the time go for the turret for the kill shot, wiggling the turret works to some extend but it is mostly just lucky bounces. This version of the T-34E improves the turret so that it is balanced. The cheeks are still a reliable way of knocking the tank out because they are just 60mm thick, but wiggling the turret improves the survivability a lot. The weight of the vehicle will be about 500kg heavier than the T-34E STZ due to the turret aplique armour. This will only impact the mobility a little. The mudguards in front also seem to be removed on some tanks.

Place in game:

There is now a gap between the T-34E STZ (4.0) and the T34-57(4.7) when the T34-57 got moved up in br. The powerful line up of 4.3 with the strong KV and tank destroyers now lack a medium tank in their line up, so the T-34E Gorky will fit well in the 4.3 line up very well.

Play style:

This tank will most likely placed in a higher br that the T-34E STZ due to the increase of turret armour, so the F-34 gun will be quite lackluster of a main armourment. So this tank will play well with its mobility and survivability to brawl. In downtiers it can be played as a front line tank while in uptier it can be played as a support tank.

Here are some images of the tank. Notice how the design of the turret is different with aplique armour, and the hull UFP has the STZ armour:


Very clear photo of the added on 15mm armour and it’s placement


Historical photo of the T-34E Gorky


The rear of the tank, notice the 15mm armour plates on the turret


Destroyed T-34E Gorky


T-34E Gorky on the streets


An other photo of the T-34E Gorky


Crew: 4 driver, hull machine gunner, gunner, commander/loader


Length6.68 m (21 ft 11 in)

Width3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)

Height2.45 m (8 ft 0 in)

Weight: ~29.5 tons (This is the weight of the T-34E STZ, so add about 500kg more to the tank for the turret armour)


Kharkiv model V-2 with 500 HP, top speed: 57 km/h


F-34 gun, same amunition as the T-34(1941).

2x MGs, 1x coaxial, 1 in the hull MG port.


Same as the T-34(1941) but with added aplique armour of 15mm on the UFP and parts of the turret, the mudguards seem to be removed in some tanks.


note: forgive me for bad english as it is not my first language :p:


Cool mod!

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Oh great, just what we need. An even stronger T-34! +1

Not too strong, balanced. Gun would be quite lacking at 4.3, but armour and mobility makes up for it. It will also fill the 4.3 line up with a medium tank (so I don’t have to use the T-34 STZ). I really want this to be researchable.

I was just being sarcastic. I’d love to play this thing!

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Added additional poll options and revised the layout of the suggestion.

Welcome to the E2 sherman…

I think 4.3 would be fine at the lowest for this

I thought the E2 got moved up to 5.7 …

It did, which was my point. The E2 suffers like hell at 5.7 with a short 75, that being said this uparmored T-34 will only fair better, even if it was at 5.0 for example…

Maybe, we’ll see ;)

I say it can be added now because the driver hatcher is weaker now.

Yup, It uses the mod 1941 hatch. I am not sure if any aditional armour has been added there, so I presume no.