What if ground battles were 32 vs 32, and could we get a enduring confrontation mode for tanks?

I’m not saying to make maps bigger, I’m primarily talking about just increasing the player count in normal battles and obviously if that were done an increase in tickets would also be needed.

Are you not aware that custom games go up to 64 players? Customs with that many players are generally smooth and don’t have a lot of problems (most problems I’ve seen arise from having instant reload turned on), so the game could accommodate it.

I don’t think the gameplay would be the same as 16 vs 16, as an example if they hypothetically increased the amount of players in air battles you could expect more bombers which means playing as an interceptor could be better than playing as a fighter because instead of you getting 1 or 2 kills you could be getting 3 or 4, so the amount of players can affect gameplay significantly.

(PS I just realized that you could also apply that example to SPAA)

What You have described doesn’t change anything.

Just because 2 players instead of 1 will spawn in something, doesn’t change anything really, especially when on the enemy team same can happen.

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well you originally said that the gameplay needs to be fixed, what would you say is wrong with the gameplay to prevent this from being implemented or worked on before it’s fixed?

  1. Matchamking when it comes to teams
  2. Maps
  3. Objectives

First thing that came to mind. Especially that we are talking about ground battles. If You just add more players, nothing will change and only problems regarding team-balance and maps/objectives will be more visible.

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could you elaborate on what you mean by “matchmaking when it comes to teams”?

Balancing of the teams regarding their skill.

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so skill based matchmaking???

I mean its not bad suggestion but we would need better and bigger maps


Yep. It would solve many issues we are currently having.

I wouldn’t say bigger Maps because there are already quite a few big maps in the game that even in a full game feel quite empty, but I would agree we do need better Maps

The problem is that the game does not differentiate between small and large maps for the maximum number of players allowed, all parties have the same number

these games are generally completely anarchic and cannot be taken into account as a basis on which one can rely to estimate the feasibility of adding more players to games

In fact I don’t even see what 32vs32 games could bring, from my point of view the only concrete thing it would bring would be a longer waiting time between games

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if they did increase the amount of players to 32 vs 32 did most likely add a system to differentiate between small and large Maps to prevent smaller Maps like Advance on the Rhine from being too chaotic.

I wasn’t saying to use Customs as an example of what normal matches would look like, I was using them as an example that the game can handle 32 vs 32

I would say that longer queue times would be the primary issue with it, but I feel like a solution to that is would be a system where players can select their preference in game size and how long do it prefer to spend in a queue

Doesn’t mean that it can’t be a thing… People complain about huge maps and having to drive everywhere which are nonsense complaints.

These maps could easily be only for these matches, it’s not that hard.

The only reason they are anarchic is because they have no actual plan other than to spawn your best junk, and play on a map which we’ve got a heap of AI/Bots/Immortal spawns in.

Another nonsense reason to be honest… If the actual plan of the mission was done right, you’d not have the anarchy, clusterspam, or the lightspeed ‘What actually happened there respawn’ situation.

This post should be split in two different posts; 32vs32 increase wouldn’t change much with the current maps, even the bigger ones imo.

A new EC mode would take this game to a whole new level and evolve it from its arcade state it is in now.
I’ve been wanting this for a long time now, it could be awesome if implemented well! Some of the heli EC maps could be usable, with dynamic objectives that could be contested! Would absolutely pay for a full game with this mode!


I completely agree, the game can very well support games with more players, it is technically feasible and the servers should (normally) support

So that means that to implement 32vs32 games you would have to “simply” change the way 90% of the game community plays, so that they play thoughtfully.

on the other hand I am entirely for a game mode like this


I don’t know how well skill based matchmaking would work in War Thunder, because it’s kind of hard to quantify somebody’s skill in War Thunder, I’m only saying this just because of the number of variables there are when it comes to playing War Thunder, such as what Nation, vehicle, and rank are being played.

Not particularly.

If it were to be EC based, then it’d likely have multiple missions for the ground at various places about the map, so you could have 2-4 objectives playing out on the map.

That’d make the individual masses the normal, or less players, per objective.

You could fluff that up by putting AI on thier fields and then you’d end up with a good setup.

Expecting to see all the players on one mission is unrealistic and will enforce the current playstyle of being that clusterspam and hectic rushing.


It is hard to quantify, but they consider themselves the resident expert on the matter.

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