What I expect from the coming NF-5A


Nice vid!

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Thanks man :)

What’s BNL?

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BeNeLux, Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg.
A union between countries existing since before the EU.

Oh okay. And that going to France?

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It looks like it yeah.
Logic, to me atleast, appears to be the countries are close to each other and have been allies to varying degrees throughout all the time periods that War Thunder takes place.

Wall to wall copypasta.

Whats this?

Sorta, if it gets 6x AIM-9P4 it be quite unique, aside from the airframe.
WT has loads of copy pasta, might as well add the one I enjoy most.

A joke. Look up the Movie “Wall-E”.

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Oh lol, get it now. Nice one.

Oh okay, thanks!

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