What has to be done to the leopard 2a5 for it to be 11.3

In what way does the german 2a5 have to be worsened for it to be downgraded for it to be set at 11.3. As there is the leopard 2pl and possibly a premium 2a4 which would most likely sit at 11.3, i would love to see the leopard 2a5 downgraded for the placement in the 11.3 br. As most people, who have the german tech tree fully unlocked, the leopard 2a5 does not make any sense any more. Setting it at 11.3 would give it a sense. Therefore it needs to be downgraded but in which way?

Remove DM53 will probably do the trick.

So dm 33 or dm 43?

It allready has DM33 and doesn’t DM43. So i think the message is clear enough.

Do you think the armor will be a problem for downtiers, when the leopard is matched with lower tier vehicles? I think the dm 43 would be perfect btw.

Idk, i shoot every vehicle as if im firing DM23 at top tier. So idk if the armor would much of an issue.

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No need to downgrade, move some vehicles to 12.0, 12.3, 12.7

do you think there are enough tanks to fill that br? But that might be an option but i think there needs to be more tanks to fill 11.3 and 11.7 to move up to 12.7, 12.0 and 12.3.

Right now the 2A5 is at the same BR as the 2A6 and the 2A7V…does any of that make sense?

Therefore it would be lowered on br for its lack of protection and the β€œworse” round. It could then go to 11.3. I dont see what is wrong with the statement of @DiamondLag.

The problem is that it would need a nerf and be moved lower. It should stay at 11.7 and the other tanks that are stronger should move up.

i think we could find a compromise and let this be a thing temporarily. The 2a5 should be β€œnerfed”. But if there are going to be further tanks in the top br so there can be a sustainable 12.7 etc, the 2a5 could regain the dm 53. But until that point i believe the nerf would benefit the usage of the 2a5 imo. I respect your argument but i believe that it will only be possible if the 12.7 br would be filled enough.

the main issue is that gaijing need to increase the br cap, it would make little sense to lower the br of the 2a5 when we have worse tanks at the exact same br

Idk why you are asking.

Id probably say β€œno” due to the fact that the 2A5 and 2A6 is at the same BR as the uparmored (and upgunned in the case of 2A7) strv 122+ and 2A7V

Its no secret that top tier has quite the lack of granularity.

Since Gaijin only decides whether to nerf BR based on win rate, the only way for the BR of the vehicle you want to go down is to have more idiots uning that vehicle.

that would be the case, if it was performing bad, but i was thinking, that it sort of lost its relevance as there are better mbts at the same br, therefore it could be lowered, by worsenening something about it, so it can sit at br, where it could be used again